December 13, 2011


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2 thoughts on “Announcements

  • Dear Josh, Elizabeth and supporting cast,

    Wanted to write and thank you all for the hard work you did this summer. My son, Isaac, took part in Jedi Academy, Harry Potter camp and Rascal Revue.

    Isaac has always been a very cautious child and takes weeks if not months to warm up to people. He often times hides behind my legs when meeting new people. He was excited yet nervous about taking part in your classes. After his initial day at Jedi Academy he asked to go back. At the end of the week he wanted to do more so we signed him up for more and more.

    Isaac’s Dad and I were so surprised and pleased when he wanted to do a play. We were equally thrilled when he was assigned the narrator part of, Bubba the Cowboy Prince. He is just starting first grade and considered a beginner reader and this made it fun for him to practice his reading skills. The night of the play Isaac was relaxed and didn’t seem anxious at all. Most of the kids on the stage looked and acted like they were having a really good time. Which is exactly what we wanted Isaac to get out of this experience. Thank you!

    Isaac had such a good time this summer that he wants to continue acting! He does have a suggestion for a future class: The Hobbit!

    Thank you to all at ACT!
    Mike, Beth and Isaac Marks

    • Thanks So much Marks Family for your wonderful kind words!! It was our pleasure to have Isaac in classes this summer, he’s a great kid and we hope to see him soon either next summer or this school. Isaac, we will take your idea into consideration, you’ll have to keep an eye out for it and some other fun classes this year! Thanks again for choosing to be apart of ACT!

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