101 Dalmatians & The Aristocats Cast Lists

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We were simply blown away by the amount of people and the amount of talent we saw at these auditions. There were far, far more talented people that came out to audition then we could have ever cast. Thank you so much for all of you who put your time and effort into this audition. Whether you got cast or not we hope to see you all again soon, either in classes or at another audition! We took as much times as we possibly could to make this choice as it was a tough one. We are very excited to work with all of the actors we were lucky enough to cast. If you find your name on the cast list below we are looking forward to getting start TOMORROW March 9th with our mandatory parent and student meeting/read thru. At this meeting we will go over all the elements of the production, give out calendars and scripts, collect fees, and have our first read thru of the scripts!! We will start at 6pm, with the meeting section going from 6pm-7pm (for parents and students), from 7pm-8:30pm (for actors in the show) we’ll have our read thru! We are so very excited to have you all in the show and we’ll see you so very soon!!

What follows is the cast list for Disney’s 101 Dalmatians & The Aristocats:




101 Dalmatians Cast List

Cruella De Vil – Katy Conners

Roger — Niko Theriault

Anita – Emily Gualco

Narrator 1 (Scottie Dog) – Emma Tomlinson

Narrator 2 (Boxer) – Corinne Avis

Narrator 3 (Poodle) – Haley Forsyth

Narrator 4 (Chihuahua) – Meghan Davis

Perdita – Madilynn McWilliams

Pongo – Diego Estevez

Patch – Clara Stickney

Penny – Izzy Hall

Pepper – Taya Greenup

Spot – Erynn Riley

Lucky – Gavin Maxwell

Rolly – Rowan Miller

Nanny – Sydney Crosier

Horace – Jonah Tomlinson

Jasper – Brandon Harbo

Sgt. Tibbs – Kendall Utecht

Boxer 1 – Sienna Forsyth

Boxer 2 – Josephine Allen

Poodle 1 – Lindsie Avalos

Poodle 2 – Avery Douglas

Scottie 1 – Carley Frazier

Scottie 2 – Haylee Raymond

Chihuahua 1 – Emelie Avalos

Chihuahua 2 – Lauren Lusk

Puppy Ensemble

Lauren Stickney

Stacee Riley

Asher Damrell

Kenny Cryan

Teagan Maxwell

Trinity Pomponio

Ally Rohdenburg

Maureen Levy

Kaitlyn Anderson

Jenna Brickey

The Aristocats Cast List

Duchess – Tayler Riley

O’Malley – Jackson Yale

Marie – Ryleigh McWilliams

Toulouse – Matthew Jones

Berlioz – Jack Beagle

Mad Cat – Paige Morrow

Scat Cat – Lauren Decker

Hep Cat – Alexandra Sorenson

Slick Cat – Marlee Pettit

Wacky Cat – Cora Wilm

Madam – Alexis Williams

Edgar – Hannah Damrell

Roquefort – Arlo McGowen

Napoleon – Reece Wilm

Lafayette – Louie Theriault

Vichy – Emily Meredith

Ssoise – Elijah Hall

Abigail – Sydney Clifford

Amelia – Sadie Halvorson

Abigail Understudy – Liah Meredith

Alley Cats

Liana Schwan

Isabella Clifford

Lily Beagle

Else McGowen

Graham Blethen

Dog Ensemble

Liah Meredith

Ethan Clifford

Zaina Ibrahim

Vanessa Robles

Ally Winslow

Savanah Taylor

Delany Blethen

One thought on “101 Dalmatians & The Aristocats Cast Lists

  • Hi Josh!
    We are so excited that Rowan will play the part of Rolly in 101 Dalmatians! Thanks for giving him this opportunity!
    I would like to be the costumer or assist the costumer if you already have one. Would this mean I would also be required to do/help with the costumes for Aristocats? I am hearing yes and no about this. I would prefer to do Dalmatians only but we can talk about your expectations.
    I will see you Thursday night!

    ~ Tina

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