A Charlie Brown Christmas & Frosty the Snow Man AND Let’s Make an Opera

We are very excited to announce the cast lists for our next upcoming holiday productions and our co-production with the Mid-Columbia Master singers!! All the Directors said how difficult a challenge this was, thank you all for all the great work you did in your audition, and if you didn’t get in (each show has a relatively small cast) we hope to see you again at our next auditions on Dec 11 & 12 for Akeelah and the Bee!!

What follows is the cast list for Let’s Make an Opera:

Sam the sweep boy: Jacob Eveland

Gay Brook: Nikolas Theriault

Sophie Brook: Katy Connors

Johnny Crome: Arlo McGowan

Hughie Crome: Peter Wilhelm

Tina Crome: Lola Eden

Please note that Let’s Make an Opera’s Parent Meeting will be on Nov 8th at 6pm

Here’s a message from our Frosty and Charlie Brown director Cathy Kelly:

Thanks to all the kids that came out for auditions.  As always, there’s so many great kids and only a limited number of roles so if you didn’t get cast please try again for a future ACT show!  We will have a mandatory parent/cast(s) meeting on Monday, October 23, 2017 6:00pm at ACT, followed by a read thru of both shows.  I will also have rehearsal calendars ready.

If you were cast and, for any reason, you decide you do not want to participate, please call Director Cathy Kelly at 509-551-9992 before Monday.

What follows is the cast list for A Charlie Brown Christmas & Frosty the Snow Man:

Frosty The Snow Man:

OFFICER BUMP – Brenton Nundahl

DELIVERY PERSON – Madison Brickey

FROSTY – Ryleigh McWilliams

CHARLEY – Harper Workman

JOEY – Jaxon Boyce

GERALDINE – Lorelai Sorenson

MARY ANN – Lizzie Azure

OLD HAG – Ainslee Workman

MRS. ARMBRUSTER – Delaney Blethen

SKATERS – Carly Tranbarger, Katelyn Shafer, Korin Clark, Lauren Tanninen, Jenna Brickey, Madelyn Clark
A Charlie Brown Christmas


SNOOPY – Madelyn Miller

LUCY – Marlee Pettit

LINUS – Jack Connors

PIG PEN – Asher Damrell

FRIEDA – Cassie Hickson

SCHROEDER – Braydon Schwartz

VIOLET – Olive Hunter

SALLY – Erynn Riley

PATTY – Izzy Hall

SHERMY – Eddie D. Bickett III

WOODSTOCK – Canna Hyde

ENSEMBLE – Maya Connors, Kati Piper, Dempsi McGuire,  Halsey Thurber, Graham Blethen, Reagan Shwartz, Paige Morrow


Thanks again to everyone! We’ll so you all soon!


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