A Christmas Carol Cast List


A Christmas Carol

Hi All!

Thank you so much for coming out for auditions, this was a very tough choice. We saw so many very talented people and simply didn’t have room for everyone; we hope to see each and every person again at an audition very soon. We are very excited to announce our cast and are very excited to work with all of you! If you are cast there is a mandatory parent and cast meeting this coming Monday Oct 19th at 6p followed by our first cast rehearsal/read through from 7p-8:30p. Thanks again to everyone and we look forward to a great show! What follows is the cast list for A Christmas Carol.


Christmas Carol Cast:

Ebenezer Scrooge- Clint Howell

Charles Dickens- Reilly Smith

Child- Erynn Riley

Caroler 1-Ally Winslow

Caroler 2-Macie Pichette

Caroler 3- Sadie Halverson

Apple Seller/Sister 1/ensemble-Sienna Forsyth

Bread Seller/Older Child/ensemble- Noah Allgaier

Customer 1/Party Guest 1/ ensemble- Jessie Lober

Customer 2/Papa/ ensemble- Micah Paulson

Young Daughter/small girl- Ophelia Mast

Young Boy/ensemble- Doyle Noah Miller

Young Boys Mother/Mama/ensemble- Sydney Crosier

Sister 2/ Party guest 3/ensemble- Janel Wortman

Party Guest 2/Older child 2/ensemble- Noah Manzanares

Beggar Boy/ensemble- Jack Beagle

Bob Cratchit- John Davis

Mrs. Cratchit- Baylee Sanderson

Tiny Tim- Olivia Rose Osborn

Martha Cratchit- Elliott Page

Belinda Cratchit- Charlotte Beck

Peter Cratchit- Nathan Riel

Sarah Cratchit- Kiera Pomponio

Grace Cratchit- Trinity Pomponio

Fred- Brandon Harbo

Elizabeth- Taylor Riley

Charitable Woman/Mrs. Fizziwig/Jake-Cindy Juntmen

Jacob Marley- Cameron Winslow

Ghost of Christmas Past- Corynn Davis

Ghost of Christmas Present- Josh Darby

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come- Hailey Forsyth

Schoolmaster/Cassim- Ryan Trader

Student 1/Thief 1/Scavenger 1-Jantz Levin

Student 2/ Thief 2/ Scavenger 2-Bronson Daunhauer

Student 3/Thief 3/Scavenger 3- Ajay Schmitt

Little Ebenezer/Ali Baba- Nikolas Theriault

Mr. Fizziwig-Jerrold Forsyth

Young Ebenezer- Daniel Thien

Belle- Natalie Davis


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