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Congratulations on making the cast of A Christmas Story!  This was one of the largest turnouts for a smaller- sized cast! If you did not make the cast list, please know that everyone was very, very good and because of that, the process of picking a cast was agonizing!  In November, we will have auditions for both The Hobbit and Twelfth Night.  I strongly encourage you to consider auditioning for either of these shows.

If you are on the cast list, please note that there will be a mandatory parent meeting on Monday, October 20th at 6:00 pm. Both a parent and the cast member must be at this meeting.  There will be papers that need to be filled out by a parent, and you will receive a rehearsal schedule and a script.  The cast will then stay for a read through.  We will be done no later than 8:00 (and possibly sooner).

I look forward to seeing you on Monday to begin this magical Christmas journey!


What Follows is the Cast List for A Christmas Story

Cast List for: A Christmas Story

Ralphie__________________________Jantz Levin

Schwartz_________________________Bronson Dauenhauer

Flick____________________________Foxx Walz

Randy___________________________Asher Damrell

Ralph                                                                         Zack Taylor

Mother__________________________Brooke Damrell

The Old Man______________________Clint Howell

Helen___________________________Chloe Bolz

Esther Jane_______________________Carly Tranbarger

Miss Shields_______________________Tammara Kangor

Scut Farkas_______________________  Caleb Brown

Scut Farkas’s toady__________________  Matt Damrell

Desperado #1______________________Jesse Romero

Desperado #2______________________Ryan Trader

Santa____________________________Cameron Winslow

Tree Salesman/The Cowboy____________  Ryan Vargas

Black Bart/Delivery Man_______________Brandon Harbo

Elves____________________________  Jackson Yale, Kathy Holbrooke, Molly Stephenson, Jewell Bressler, Sarah Ullmann, Baylee Sanderson

School Children/Classmates

Lexi Bale                                     Macie Pinchette        Brody Treadaway                Jacob Rodrick

Jonathon Howell                           Malachi Davis       Taylor Riley                          Jonathan Rodrick

Madelyn Roders                          Ian King                   Noah Mananares

Lola Eden                                    Kelton Brooks          Sadie Halverson

Luke Douglas                              Hannah Damrell     Elizabeth Azure

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