Akeelah and the Bee Cast List

A GIANT thank you to each and every person who came out to auditions. This show will be a very important and special one for ACT and we are very excited to announce this cast. Please note that our director’s Ted and Tamara wanted to emphasize how difficult a choice this was; we had SO SO SO many great people come out for so few parts. We also had very specific needs for this show, we really hope to see you at future auditions if you didn’t make the list.

IF you are on the list below please note the following things. 1) Our first rehearsal/meeting is on MONDAY DEC 18th at 6pm, at this point we will get all the paperwork, fees, and information taken care of. This will be followed by a read thru of the script, we will end rehearsal at 8:30pm. 2) On this evening we will also be taking promotional photos of our cast for our website, so be as prepared as you’d like to be for that 🙂

What follows is the cast list for Akeelah and the Bee:

Akeelah and the Bee Cast List

Akeelah – Paris Nichols

Gail – Amber Rodriguez

Reggie – Azana Nunez

Georgia – Elexys Cobb

Batty Ruth – Ashley R Jenkins

Willie – Greg Travis

JT – Matthew Jensen

Izzy – Elsa Sorenson

Principal – Donald Sorenson

Dr. Larabee – Richard Nichols

Dylan – Katherine Cooper

Mrs. Chiu – Yichien Cooper

Javier – Nikolas Theriault

Trish – Lola Eden

Rhonda – Alexandra Sorenson

Chucky/Ensemble – Jabari Simon

Snorting Girl/Ensemble – Megan Tymecki

Horse Gril/Ensemble – Lauren Tanninen

Mohawk Girl/ Ensemble – Haylee Raymond

Air Spelling Girl/ Ensemble – Anaiah Pleasant

Judge/ Ensemble – Emelie Avalos

TV Announcer & DJ – Joey Waters

Pronouncer – Reece Wilm

Photographer/Clerk/Ensemble – Gianna Myer

Ensemble – Emilie Cooper

Ensemble – Graham Blethen

Ensemble – Trinity Pomponio

Ensemble – Lorelai Sorenson

Ensemble – Makeena Dundas

Ensemble – Mylin Fraizer


Thanks to all who made it! We will see you on Monday!

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