Alice in Wonderland – Cast List

Thank you to ALL auditionees! As always, the casting of this show was difficult because of the many hard-working, talented youth and adults in our community! We hope that all auditionees will audition again for a future production! Here’s to falling down the rabbit hole!

Tanninen Lauren Alice
Tomlinson Emma Mad Hatter
Connors Katy Queen of Hearts
Eden Lola White Rabbit
Decker Lauren Cheshire Cat
Berg Anthony March Hare
Kathren Trina Tweedle Dee
Kennedy Alissa Tweedle Dum
Grigsby Mayzee Dormouse
McWilliams Ryleigh Claire, Fairy Godmother
Freeze Emily French Mouse
Frantz Isabella Caterpillar
Hagen Iris Butterfly
Newsome Nolan King of Hearts, Cowardly Lion
Wilson-Garcia Gabe Knave of Hearts, Slumber Party Kid
Wilm Reece Father William, Walrus
Blethen Graham Young Man, Carpenter
Herrin Jack Guard, Flying Monkey
Newman Nicho Guard, Flying Monkey
Hagen Harper Flying Monkey, Oyster
Garza Lyla Slumber Party Kid, Oyster
Thurber Halsey Slumber Party Kid, Oyster
Kolbinger Noelle Slumber Party Kid, Oyster
Perrault Kaitlyn Slumber Party Kid, Oyster
Dorow Siena Slumber Party Kid, Oyster
Eveland Jacob Slumber Party Kid, Oyster
Damrell Asher Slumber Party Kid, Oyster
Winslow Ally Rose (Flower), Wicked Witch
Willis Reagan Bud (Flower)
Riley Erynn Flower
Swentik Rayin Flower
Hall Izzy Flower
Ockerman Eden Flower
Custer Katelyn Flower
Parker Hayden Flower
Hollenberg Abigail Flower
Elsamma Jenna Bird
Wilm Cora Bird
Khawandi Mia Bird
Levy Grey Bird
Dalseg Sidney Bird
Louge Sophia Bird
Hall Elijah PIB
Rainsberry Chloe PIB
Garner Logan PIB
Brendel Morgan PIB
Gochoel Sophia PIB
Petit Marlee PIB
Coleman Faith PIB
Douglas Avery PIB
Brown Kaylee PIB
Schwartz Reagan PIB

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