Bat Poets and Cat Cooks this October

Explore your creativity!

New October Sessions Starting at ACT

What kind of soup do cats like? Who haunts the Hotel Kennewick? And how do you get a rowdy wolf family out of your house? Come see in our October classes! It’s a fun way to move, be expressive, and make new friends!

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PreK & Kinder
duck, cat, and squirrel hugging

Meet new friends in Pumpkin Soup!

  • Pumpkin Soup with Hallie Harris
    Saturdays, 9-10:30a | October 5-26 | $45
    Cats in the kitchen! What makes a good pumpkin soup? Using the book by Helen Cooper and our imaginations, we will eat, and create animal characters (and Pumpkin Soup)!
  • Exploration of Dance with Rebecca Hodges
    Tuesdays 10:20-11a or Wednesdays 12:30-1:10p | Oct 15-Nov 6 | $47
    Children will enjoy exploring creative movement to fun music.
  • Dramatic Playhouse! with Tessa Hamilton
    Monday-Thursday 9:30-10:15a | Oct 14-Nov 7 | $40-1 day/$75-2 days/$110-3 days/$145-4 days
    Using props, stories, character and costumes, children explore acting, dance and singing to build their own world. Sign up for 1, 2, 3, or all 4 days per week.

Grade School

Our creative drama classes teach basics for the stage and for life while having fun with games and activities.

Grades 1-3
mice dancing

Wiggle and Shake with Rebecca Hodges!

  • Beginning Movement & Dance with Rebecca Hodges
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-5p | Oct 15-Nov 7 | $85
    Enjoy exploring the basics of movement and dance. The first part of class will feature an introduction to dance technique.
  • Story Makers with Hallie Harris
    Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5:30p | Oct 14-Nov 6 | $120
    This is the best of all worlds, combining storytelling skills, favorite literature, and polishing performance skills!
  • Not So Scary Stories and Poems with Erin Ballo
    Saturdays, 9-11a | October 5-26 | $55
    Bats who try to describe to their friends what daytime looks like, bumps at the end of the bed that are your feet, and jokes like “What’s a ghost’s favorite ride? The “Roller Ghoster!” will have you acting and laughing.
Grades 4-6
1890s New York Tuba Player

Don’t forget the Tuba! Grab everything for the Wolves in the Walls with Hallie Harris

  • Basic Dance Moves for Broadway with Rebecca Hodges
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6p | Oct 15-Nov 7 | $85
    Are you interested and ready to learn some Broadway style dancing and dance technique? Do you want to feel comfortable when they tell you to do a jazz square when you audition? Come and “bust a move.”
  • Creative Drama! with Peggy Painter
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-5:30p | Oct 15-Nov 7 | $120
    Students will use personal stories, short stories, monologues and film to explore creativity and acting. There will be several performance opportunities for students, such as storytelling in October, acting opportunities at Barnes and Noble in November, and monologues in December.
  • The Wolves in the Walls with Hallie Harris or Erin Ballo
    Saturdays 10:30a-12:30p | October 5-26 | $55
    A spooky story about a little girl named Lucy who hears strange noises coming from the walls. Unfortunately, her family is too busy to notice! How do you persuade people to hear what you hear? Storytelling with a twist!

Middle School & High School

Grades 7-12
  • Dance for Musical Auditions with Rebecca Hodges
    Wednesdays 6:30-8p | Oct 16-Nov 6 | $65
    So you want to audition for a high school musical, but you aren’t too sure about the dancing audition. Come and learn basic musical theatre dance moves and dance technique so that you can shine on stage!

Grades 7-8

  • Creative Drama! with Peggy Painter
    Monday and Wednesday 4-5:30p | Oct 14-Nov 6 | $120
    Students will use personal stories, short stories, monologues and film to explore creativity and acting. There will be several performance opportunities for students, such as storytelling in October, acting opportunities at Barnes and Noble in November, and monologues in December.
  • Haunted Tales with Erin Ballo
    Saturdays 12-2p | October 5-26 | $55
    Have you always wanted to scare your friends with a great, creepy story? Choose a story and work to make it spellbinding. This is performance-based class, as students will have the opportunity to display their storytelling talents at ACT’s Halloween Haunts.

Grades 9-12

1890s Kennewick Hotel

Haunt the Tri Cities with Erin Ballo

  • Acting Techniques with Deb Donahoe
    Mondays 6:30 – 8pm | Oct 14-Nov 4 | $65
    New to acting or do you want some more advanced acting techniques? This is the class for you! Using theatre games, discussions, and scripts we will help you hone your acting skills.
  • Ghost Stories of the Columbia with Erin Ballo
    Saturdays 2-4p | October 5-26 | $55
    We will be devising a play based on local ghost stories (so you can find out where the local ghosts are hidden!) and performing at Halloween Haunts at the end of the month.


Ages 16+

chalk drawing rasaboxes on stage floor

Become an Athlete of the Emotions! Check out rasaboxes with Anna Newbury.

  • Physical Acting through Rasaboxes! With Anna NewBury
    Mondays, 6-8p | Oct 14-Nov 4 | $87
    Are you ready to take your acting skills to another level? ACT is starting a series of classes for actors who are interested in studying different acting techniques. Our beginning class, Rasaboxes, trains participants to physically express eight key emotions. Rasaboxes integrates rather than separates acting, movement, and voice and engages the whole performer in a single, powerful, and learnable approach.
  • Stage Combat! With Anna Newbury
    Tuesdays 3 -5p | Oct 15-Nov 5 | $87
    Taught by certified actor combatant, Anna Newbury, students will begin with basic techniques safety practices of stage combat. More advanced classes will follow.
  • Actors’ Workshop with various guest teachers, Hosted by Anna Newbury
    Sundays, 6-8p | Sep 15- Dec 8 | $20 per class or $80 for 5 class punch card.
    Local actors, aspiring actors, and those curious about ways to explore their communications skills, movement, and expression will meet to take mini-workshops, discuss upcoming productions and hone their skills. Workshop topics will include stage combat, improv, an intro to rasaboxes, and others. Please note that there will be no class the week of Nov 25.

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