Beauty and the Beast Cast List

Thank you to each and every person who came to auditions, this was NOT an easy choice. You all did a wonderful job at auditions and we could have cast this show several times over, several different ways. Please note that if you are not on the cast list below we sincerely hope to see you again at another audition, or in a class or another program at ACT. At the end of the day we saw OVER 150 people and had to cut more then half of the people that we saw, which made this task very difficult.

Below you will find our cast list for this fall’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, if you find your name on this list please note that we will have our MANDATORY parent and student meeting on the evening of May 30th at 6pm, at this meeting we will go over all the paperwork, fees and information we’ll all need for a successful production. We are VERY excited about our cast and are looking forward to a wonderful production of this tale as old as time. Get ready for a lot of fun and a lot of hard work as we head toward this large production that will kick off ACT’s 22nd Season. We look forward to seeing you soon, Congrats to all!!

Below you will find the cast list for Disney’ Beauty and the Beast:


Beauty and the Beast Cast List

Cleopatra Howell– Belle

Scott Critchfield– Beast

Chase Peterson — Gaston

Brenton Nundahl– LeFou

Liam Stanfield– Lumiere

Jim Mailloux– Cogsworth/Narrator

Melina Hall– Mrs. Potts

Elise Valdez– Chip

Emma Tomlinson– Babbette

Madilynn McWilliams– Wardrobe

Asher Damrell– Sultan (Footstool Dog)

Ted Miller– Maurice

Katy Connors– Silly Girl (Red)

Kaylee Brown– Silly Girl (Yellow)

Delaney Schroeder– Silly Girl (Green)

Jonathan Edwards– D’Arque

Castle Ensemble

Patricia Sackschewisky– Wolf/Napkin/Castle Ensemble

Emelie Avalos– Wolf/Napkin/Castle Ensemble

Lindsie Avalos– Wolf/Napkin/Castle Ensemble

Baylee Sanderson– Wolf/Napkin/Castle Ensemble

Ella Thurbur- – Wolf/Napkin/Castle Ensemble

Tayler Riley– Wolf/Napkin/Castle Ensemble

Grant Lawrence– Pepper Shaker/Castle Ensemlbe

Anita Valdez– Salt Shaker/Castle Ensemble

Jenise Mailloux– Spoon/Castle Ensemble

Rowan Miller– Sugar Bowl/Castle Ensemble

Kendall Utecht– Cheese Grater/Castle Ensemble

Aidan Cloutler– Teacup/Castle Ensemble

Jacob Rodrick– Teacup/Castle Ensemble

John Bishop– Creamer/Caslte Ensemble

Mady Gosnell– Plate/Castle Ensemble

Alexis Williams– Plate/Castle Ensemble

Zaina Ibranim– Fork/Castle Ensemble

Vivien Thurbur– Fork/Castle Ensemble

Kylie Baldwin– Fork/Castle Ensemble

Elise Von Borgen– Fork/Castle Ensemble

Lorelai Sornenson– Spoon/Castle Ensemble

Elsa Sornenson– Spoon/Castle Ensemble

Ryleigh McWilliams– Spoon/Castle Ensemble

Belle Tow– Spoon/Castle Ensemble

Josiah Pickard — Knife/Castle Ensemble

Madelyn Miller– Knife/Castle Ensemble

Corinne Avis–Knife/Castle Ensemble

Elliott Page– Knife/Castle Ensemble

Townsperson Ensemble

Brielle Szendre– Enchantress/Townsperson Ensemble

Jackson Yale– Bookseller/Townsperson Ensemble

Alexandra Sornenson– Aristocratic Lady/Townsperson Ensemble

Hannah Damrell– Lady with Cane/Townsperson Ensemble

Ally Winslow– Baker/Townsperson Ensemble

Milo Stanfield– Gaston’s Crony 3/Townsperson Ensemble

Jonathon Howell– Gaston’s Crony 4/Townsperson Ensemble

Reece Wilm–Gaston’s Crony 1/Townsperson Ensemble

Diego Estavez– Gaston’s Crony 2/Townsperson Ensemble

Nikolas Theriault– Fish Man/Townsperson Ensemble

Brayden Schwartz- Egg Man/Townsperson Ensemble

Izzy Hall– Sausage Curl Girl/Townsperson Ensemble

Courtney Gualco– Lady with Baby/Townsperson Ensemble

Emily Gualco– Milmaid/Townsperson Ensemble

Lola Eden– Hattseller/Townspeson Ensemble

Rachel Morris– Candle Man/Townsperson Ensemble

Tiffany Varker– A Mother (Mob Song)/Townsperson Ensemble

Marllee Pettit– Villiager 1 (The Battle)/Townsperson Ensmble

Arlo McGowan– Shepard Boy/Townsperson Ensemble

Taya Greenup– Sheep/Townsperson Ensemble

Ainslee Workman– Townsperson Ensemble

Jenna Brickey–Townsperson Ensemble

Madison Brickey– Townsperson Ensemble

Sydney Crosier– Townsperson Ensemble

Elijah Hall– Townsperson Ensemble

Megan Tymecki– Townsperson Ensemble

Elijah Stanfield– Townsperson Ensemble

Bethany Hall– Townsperson Ensemble

Deirdra Gualco–Townsperson Ensemble

Ian King– Townsperson Ensemble

Sadie Halvorson – Townsperson Ensemble

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