Call backs for Shrek – Saturday, June 15, 2:30 PM

Thank you for everyone who auditioned! What a great turnout! We need to do some vocal call backs as there are a lot of characters who sing in Shrek. If you name is listed below, please try to come on Saturday, June 15 at 2:30 pm for vocal call backs. We will be learning a brief song and looking at combinations of voices. If you are NOT called back please make sure tolook at the cast list which will be up by Wednesday. You still could be part of the cast.! We need a lot more people than just the ones we are calling back!
Call Back list:
#2 – Trenton Remington
#8- Logan Roller
#9 – Brenton Nundahl
#14 – Katelin Grant
#19 – Jessica Zimmerman
#20 – Rachael Spencer
#21 – Jantz Levin
#24 – Efrain Portugoy
#26 – Daisy Taylor
#28 – Boston Taylor
#29 – Mischa Meyer
#31- Matthew Smith
#35 – Kaylee Brown
#38 – Mikah Turpin
#44- Annia Hedlund
#50 – Dylan
#51 – Anjuli Herr
#53 – Meg Nelson
#58 – Shani Laskin
#59 – Kyandra Hardy

Please call Mrs. Donahoe at 509-521-6639 if you can NOT be there. Thnak you!

2 thoughts on “Call backs for Shrek – Saturday, June 15, 2:30 PM

    • Anjuli – I depends on what you call chorus parts. The major roles of Shrek, Fiona, Farquaad and Donkey are being played by adults. (We like to get adults in on the fun at ACT!) So, those parts are not part of the call backs. However, there are a LOT of solo parts, duets, trios and even a quartet in this show. It’s an amazing musical in that so many people have featured singing AND dancing parts!

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