Callback Lists for The Diary of Anne Frank & Holes

WOW!! That was a great first set of auditions! We are very excited for callbacks, this is shaping up to be a very difficult choice. Please remember that if you are on the callback list that doesn’t not mean you are cast, and if you are not on the callback list that doesn’t mean you are not cast. This is simply a second set of auditions, so some that we need to see more from. IF you are on the call back list we need you from 6p-8p Tomorrow (Dec 9th)!! You can pick up your scene(s), to look over them, starting at 9am, someone will be in the office until 3:30p, if you can’t get to the office in that time (no worries!) these scripts will be available for you at 5:30 prior to your 6p audition. The Holes cast is broken down by character, The Diary of Anne Frank cast is listed as a group. IF you are not cast please be sure to check back here on Dec 11th for the final cast list!! If you have any further questions please call us at 943-6027 or stop by. Thanks for making this a great process so far, we are psyched for the rest!!

What follows is the Callback list for The Diary of Anne Frank & Holes:

Holes Callbacks


  1. Niko Theriault
  2. Jantz Levin
  3. Ian King


  1. Johnathon Howell
  2. Jesse Romero
  3. Malachi Davis


  1. Azana Nunez
  2. Malachi Davis


  1. Malachi Davis
  2. Jabari Smith
  3. Azana Nunez


  1. Jesse Romero
  2. Efrain Portugal
  3. Nathan Riel


  1. Ian King
  2. Ashton Singer
  3. Aiden DeVere

Mr. Sir:

  1. Efrain Portugal
  2. Cameron Winslow
  3. John Davis

Mr. Pendanski:

  1. Zack Taylor
  2. Mikah Turpin
  3. Daniel Thien

The Warden:

  1. Natalie Davis
  2. Taylor Riley
  3. Alexandra Sorenson

Kissing Kate Barlow:

  1. Jewel Bressler
  2. Chloe Bolz
  3. Natalie Davis

Trout Walker:

  1. Caleb Brown
  2. Mikah Turpin
  3. Cameron Winslow


  1. Louie Theriault
  2. Efrain Portugal

 Anne Frank Callbacks

Chloe Bolz
Colin Brislawn
Kaylee Brown
Gabrielle Clegg
Natalie Davis
John Davis
Ellicia Elliott
Sadie Halvorson
Cleopatra Howell
Sara Leon
Kendal Miller
Michah Paulsen
Devin Smith
Kate Stoker
Zack Taylor
Daniel Thien
Tiffany Varker
Carson Varker
Cameron Winslow
Jackson Yale

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