Cast Lists for Disney’s Cinderella and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Hi All!!

We thank everyone so much for coming out to auditions!! We are very much looking forward these shows. You all gave very, very great auditions and made the choice of who to put in the cast very hard. Thank you all so much for your hard work, dedication and desire to be at ACT, you all are the reason we love our jobs and feel lucky to get to work with all the talented and amazing students we get through our doors. If you didn’t get into our shows please know this was a tough choice and we hope that you can join us for a future production or class. If you were cast we look forward to working with you and to seeing you at the MANDATORY PARENT MEETING on NEXT WEDNESDAY MAY 27th at 6pm here at ACT. What follows is the cast list for Disney’s Cinderella & Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. — Josh & Julie

Cast List for Cinderella

Narrators :                                                                               Town Cryers:

Natalie Davis                                                                              Carson Varker

Corrine Avis                                                                                Noah Allgair

Ainslee Workman                                                                          Elliot Page

Izzy Montgomery                                                                           Reece Wilm

Stepmother:  Torey Getz                                                          Lovely Ladies:

Dizella:  Chloe Bolz

Anastasia:  Allison Winslow                                                    Kyandra Hardy

Cinderella:  Yzabelle Tow                                                        Sydney Crosier

Prince Charming: Mikah Turpin                                          Lilly Lands

Fairy Godmother: Joanne Dawson                                     Vanessa Robles

Gus: Katie Hatch                                                                         Marlee Pettit

Luke:  Asher Damrell                                                                 Eve Gibson

Jaq:  Peter Wilhelm

Perla:  Madelyn Roders


 Erynn Riley

Trevor Dawson

Corinne Hatch

Amber Dawson

Lexi Almquist

Grand Duke:  Josiah Pickard

Herald: Lance Dawson

King:  Brenton Nundahl


Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent: Cleopatra Howell

Flora: Shani Laskin

Fauna: Tayler Riley

Merryweather: Kaylee Brown

Princess Aurora: Rachel Spencer

Prince Phillip: John Davis

Young Prince Phillip: Nikolas Theriault

King Stefan: Brandon Harbo

Queen Stefanie: Lillian Thurber

Fumpfel the Goon: Jackson Yale

Pest the Goon: Emma Tomlinson

Blather the Goon: Keri Kelly

Stench the Goon: Gianna Myer

Goon Ensemble: Kylie Baldwin, Sadie Halvorson, Katy Connors, Ella Thurber

Loyal Subjects: Noah Manzenaris, Kylie Baldwin, Sadie Halvorson, Katy Connors, Ella Thurber

Guards: Emily Rohdenburg, Malachi Davis, Brooklyn Davenport, Sydney Wilhelm, Nikolas Theriault (last scene only), Noah Manzenaris (last scene only)

Fairy Chorus: Vivian Thurber, Hannah Damrell, Halle Lewis, Haley Forsyth, Carly Tranbarger

Dancing Mops & Buckets: Emily Rohdenburg, Malachi Davis, Brooklyn Davenport, Sydney Wilhelm

Animal Chorus: Hannah Damrell (Owl), Vivian Thurber (Owl), Noah Manzenaris (Frog), Halle Lewis (Frog), Nikolas Theriault (Frog), Haley Forsyth (Bird), Carly Tranbarger (Bird)


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