Cast Lists For The Diary of Anne Frank & Holes

Thank you so much for everyone who came out to the auditions, we saw so many great people and saw so many talented young actors, we honestly could have cast the show several times over in many different ways. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to these auditions, we hope to see each and everyone of you again. We are very excited to work with our casts. If you are the cast lists below here’s some information you need to know.

Holes: your mandatory parent and student cast meeting will be on MONDAY Dec 14th starting at 6pm, with a read through of the script to follow from 7pm to 8:30p. You will also get your script and rehearsal calendar on this day. Your participation fee is due at this time. Rehearsals will start on Jan 11th, with the expectation of you being memorized on that day.

The Diary of Anne Frank: your mandatory parent and student cast meeting will be on Monday FEB 15 starting at 6pm with a read through of the script to follow from 7pm to 8:30pm. As stated in the audition, it is our expectation that you will be memorized by Feb 16 (the first day of rehearsal), if you are on the cast list you can pick up your script any time between Dec 15th and Dec 22nd between ACT’s normal office hours (Mon-Thurs 9a-12p). Your rehearsal calendar will be handed out on the day of the parent meeting and your participation is due at this time.

What follows are the cast lists for Holes & The Diary of Anne Frank:

Holes Cast List

Stanley: Jantz Levin

Zero: Johnathon Howell

X-Ray: Azana Nunez

Armpit: Malachi Davis

Magnet: Jesse Romero

Zig-Zag: Aiden DeVere

Mr. Sir: Efrain Portugal

Mr. Pendanski: Mikah Turpin

The Warden: Jewel Bressler

Madame Zeroni: Tamara Pomponio

Kissing Kate Barlow: Tayler Riley

Trout Walker: Caleb Brown

Sam: Louie Theriault

Toughest kid In Camp/Green Lake Camper Ensemble: Ashton Singer

Stanley’s Father/Green Lake Camper Ensemble: Ian King

Jesse/Green Lake Camper Ensemble: Jabari Smith

Policeman/Sheriff: Cameron Winslow

Igor Barkaov/Old West Ensemble: Nathan Riel

Myra’s Father/ Old West Ensemble: Reece Wilm

Myra/Ms. Morengo/Judge: Cleopatra Howell

Elya/Old West Ensemble: Daniel Thien

Sarah/Old West Ensemble: Eve Gibson

Stanley Yelnats the First/Old West Ensemble: Nolan Newsome

Stanley’s Mother/Old West Ensemble: Alexandra Sorenson

Mrs. Collingwood/ Latvian Ensemble: Ryleigh McWilliams

Linda/Latvian Ensemble: Natalie Davis

Police Officer/Driver/Latvian Ensemble: Nikolas Theriault

Zero’s Mom: Lisa Howell

Attorney General/Latvian Ensemble: Chloe Bolz

Elya’s Pig/Old West Ensemble: Trinity Pomponio

Igor’s Pig/Old West Ensemble: Stella Comfort

Old West Ensemble/Latvian Ensemble: Jack Beagle

Old West Ensemble/Latvian Ensemble: Vincent Pomponio

Old West Ensemble/Latvian Ensemble: Alexis Williams

Old West Ensemble/Latvian Ensemble: Carly Tranbarger


The Diary of Anne Frank Cast List

Anne Frank: Sadie Halverson

Mr. Frank: Colin Brislawn

Mrs. Frank: Ellicia M. Elliott

Margot Frank: Kendal Miller

Peter Van Daan: Carson Varker

Mr. Van Daan: Zack Taylor

Mrs. Van Daan: Tiffany Varker

Mr. Dussel: John Davis

Mr. Kraler: Alex Eberle

Miep Gies: Gabrielle Clegg

Nazi Officer/First Man: Jackson Yale

Second Man: Micah Paulsen

Third Man: Devin Smith


Thanks again for all who came out and happy holidays!!

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