August 19, 2015


ACT offers monthly classes featuring age-appropriate material for your child. Students learn everything from the basics of theatre to the overall production of a live performance. Our classes are a great place to start with ACT and find out more about you passion for there! To find out more specific information about our classes click here. To register click here.

Summer Performances & Classes (June-Aug)— ACT offers camp, classes and programs for kids of all ages in the summer. Our camp run Mon-Fri and have a new theme each week! From Princesses to Star Wars and Harry Potter to Musical Theatre there’s something for every kid! Each camp ends in a sharing day! We also special performances classes at the end of summer take a look below and click here to register

Saturday Classes (Sept-May)— ACT offers classes almost every Saturday of the school year. These classes are themed around different theatrical and literary ideas; our Saturday classes are a great way to learn new skills and practice some skills you’ve already gained.

After School Classes & Performance Groups (Sept-May)— ACT offers a verity of audition or script based groups. These groups allow actors to explore a specific style of theater and stretch themselves to learn and grow. These groups meet at a variety of dates and times for more information click the link below.

Our classes are listed below, they can be organized by date, grade, time, title, day of the week and more for your convince on this page only.

To sign up for classes please click here. The link takes you to Art-People, our new registration service. It will walk you through the process on how to register, you will need to create an account to register. If you’ve previously signed up for a class your information should just need a little bit of updating. This is a quick process. Our classes will be listed chronologically (January to December) on our registration site.

Notes About ACT Classes

  • Please print and bring receipt to first day of class.
  • Walk-ins not recommended.
  • If your class is in danger of being cancelled due to low registration, you will be notified 1-2 days prior to the start of the class of the possibility of cancellation. ACT reserves the right to cancel any class not meeting minimum enrollment.
  • You will be notified of cancellations and tuition will be refunded or credited.
  • Refunds are available up to seven days prior to the first day of class.
  • All refunds are subject to a $10 service charge.
  • Please see our FAQ for details.
Class Listing:
1ENSMBLEGr. 3-5EnsembleACT’s newest performance group is designed to be the perfect start to an actor’s education. Ensemble is an after school drama club for 3rd-5th graders is designed to share our love of theatre with your actor. The group will meet twice a week (Mon & Wed) for three weeks every month during the school year (starting in October), with one week off between sessions. The group will work on a different focus each session; past session focuses included Harry Potter, Charlie Brown, Dr. Suess, Disney Plays, A Seriers of Unfortuante Events, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Chronicals of Narnia, Shel Silverstine and more. Please see below for this year's selections. The end of each session will include a sharing day for family and friends. This program will have rolling enrollment. If you register month by month the group is $90 a month, HOWEVER if you sign up for the entire year you receive a 50% discount making each month only $45!

Monthly Themes and Dates:
Feb 10-26: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
March 2-18: Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban
April 13-29: Holes
May 4-20: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Mon & WedOct-May4p-5:30p$45/$90
9AUD 34th gr. and upAudition WorkshopGet ready for the upcoming season by sharpening your audition skills! This workshop will help you put your best foot forward! Help prepare for A Wrinkle in Time & The Jungle Book auditions on Feb 3 & 4!ThursdayJan 30th4p-6p$35.00
1002-01Pre-KPaw PatrolHelp Ryder and his patrol of rescue dogs protect Adventure Bay in this class that can turnyouinto a hero!SaturdayFeb 8-299-10:30a$53
1102-021-3 gr.The Scooby Doo( and more!) MysteriesThe Scooby Doo Gang had many mysteries and adventures and you are invited along!Using Dramatic Play, young actors create adventures of their own!SaturdayFeb 8-299-11a$63
1202-034-12 gr.The Mysteries of Music Theory w/ Adrienne FletcherUnlock the secrets to reading music! In this class we will delve into the fundamentals of music notation and discover the meaning behind all the mysterious symbols found in the language of music. Never be puzzled by a piece of sheet music again, become a top notch music detective with ACT's musical guru Adrienne Fletcher-Shields!SaturdayFeb 8-2211a-1p$52
1403-01Pre-KDr. Seuss on the LooseCome join us as we discover and play in the world of Dr. Seuss!! We will take the wonderful works of one of the all time greatest children's authors and bring them to life. From Horton to The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat to Sam I Am come learn and play with good doctor himself!SaturdayMarch 7-289-10:30a$53
1503-021-3 gr.The Whimsical World of Dr. SeussNo one builds a world like the amazing Dr. Seuss! From Sneetches on beaches to the Jungle of Nool; and from the center of Whoville to Mcelligot's Pool and everywhere in between. Let your imagination soar with us!SaturdayMarch 7-289-11a$63
1603-034-6 gr.Seussical the Musical! w/ Adrienne FletcherJoin us in the Jungle of Nool as we adventure with Horton, Jojo, and Mayzie through the amazing Seussical the musical! Learn scenes, songs and/or dances from this fast paced and crazy musical.SaturdayMarch 7-2811a-1p$63
1703-047-12 gr.From Script to Stage: Building a RelationshipLearn how important it is to build a relationship with the other characters on stage, whether they are friends, relatives, or even animals!SaturdayMarch 7-2811a-1p$63
1804-01Pre-kDinoStories!Take a trip back in time to when Raptors, Pterodactyls, and T-Rexs ruled the earth! Each week we'll encounter new creatures and stories as we use Story Drama to act out DINOSTORIES!SaturdayApril 11-259a-10:30a$42
1904-02Gr.1-3Prehistoric Adventures!Adventure is waiting for you! Join us as we travel back to a time of Dinosaurs! Let your imagination run wild as you join us for an epic Prehistoric Adventure!SaturdayApril 11-259a-11a$52
2004-03Gr. 4-6Jurassic Journeys! w/ Adrienne FletcherThe Park is open one more time and this time we'll need your help to save the world! Come join us for a class full of characters, creatures, and creativity!SaturdayApril 11-2511a-1p$52
2104-047-12 gr.Dancing for Actors w/ Zanna GrandinettiBegin by learning basic arm, leg, and body positions that are used in a variety of forms of dance. We'll learn Terminology and the fundamental steps from a variety of dance forms including ballet, jazz, tap, and modern. All of these things and more will be helpful for your next musical endeavor! This class is taught by the amazing chorographer Zanna Grandinetti.SaturdayApril 11-2511a-1p$52
2205-01Pre-kIsland TalesAre you as brave as Moana? Love to move it, move it like King Julian? Have grand adventures like Lilo & Stitch? Then join us as we set sail for another round of Island adventures!SaturdayMay 2-169a-10:30a$42
2305-02Gr.1-3Onward and UpwardAdventures awaits you as join us for a quest which will challenge the limits of your imagination! Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Trolls and more await you as journey with ACT Onward and Upward!SaturdayMay 2-169a-11a$52
2405-03Gr. 4-6The Magic of Improv!Improv is a fun, fast paced, and energetic form of acting is great way to learn how to create characters, form relationships, and achieve your goals! PLUS you get to be a silly as you can!SaturdayMay 2-1611a-1p$52
2505-047-12 gr.MonologuesLearning to perform a stellar monologue is a necessity for any actor! Learn how to breakdown and prepare a monologue for classroom, stage, and auditions!SaturdayMay 2-1611a-1p$52
26AUD 44th gr. and upAudition WorkshopGet ready for the upcoming season by sharpening your audition skills! This workshop will help you put your best foot forward! Help prepare for our fall musical auditions on June 1 & 2!ThursdayMay 28th4p-6p$35.00

To sign up for classes please click here.