Disney’s The Little Mermaid Cast List

Thank you all so much for giving great auditions; this was a very tough choice. We could have cast the entire show just based off the kids that were sadly left off the cast list. I would like to restate that we saw 95 kids and each and every one of you made this a very tough choice. We thank you all so much so putting your best effort into your audition and we hope see you all again soon. With that said we are proud to announce the cast list for ACT’s Production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Please remember that there will be a parent meeting/cast read thru on MONDAY MARCH 18th AT 6PM. ALL cast members and their parents are needed at this meeting.  The meeting will start promptly at 6pm, so we are opening checking in for the meeting at 5:30pm. You will be receiving an email soon with more information. Thanks so much we are very excited to work with you.

Josh and Janice

Role Last Name First Name
Adella/Princess Holland Whitney
Allana/Princess Taylor Boston
Andrina/Princess Herr Anjuli
Aquata/Princess Fewel Hannah
Ariel Hanrahan Quinn
Arista/Princess Zirker Ashley
Atina/Princess York Rose
Carlotta Mattinson Megan
Chef Louis Nelson Richard
Dancers Chorus Bressler Jewel
Dancers Chorus Castlleano Tania
Dancers Chorus Lewis Josee
Dancers Chorus Lysher Ryan
Dancers Chorus Massey Meredith
Dancers Chorus Stanco Paige
Dancers Chorus Ullmann Sarah
Floatsam Howard Hailey
Flounder Levin Jantz
Grimby Drushella Eli
Gull Brooks Kelton
Gull Damrell Hannah
Gull Finch Tiffany
Gull Hatley Megan
Gull Martinez Reanna
Gull Zirker Lauren
Jetsam Tow Yzabelle
King Triton Agli Jayson
Lagoon Animals/Sea Creatures Baer Emily
Lagoon Animals/Sea Creatures Chandler Zach
Lagoon Animals/Sea Creatures Dotson Gretchen
Lagoon Animals/Sea Creatures Grant Janie
Lagoon Animals/Sea Creatures Smucker Sophie
Pilot Veysey Alex
Prince Eric Musick Dakota
Sailor/Chef Berry Casey
Sailor/Chef Conley Dan
Sailor/Chef Jacob Calvin
Sailor/Chef Jacob Felix
Sailor/Chef Siekawitch Glenn
Scuttle Miller Kendal
Sea Chorus Bolz Chloe
Sea Chorus Brown Kaylee
Sea Chorus Howell Cleo
Sea Chorus Meyer Gianna
Sea Chorus Scott Aubrey
Seahorse Davis John
Sebastian Brown Caleb
Tentacles Bjorklund Danielle
Tentacles Endres Becca
Tentacles Grant Katelin
Tentacles Milbrath Valerie
Tentacles Portugal Efrain
Tentacles Shoup Nancy
Ursula Bragg Nicole

4 thoughts on “Disney’s The Little Mermaid Cast List

    • It will be corrected on our cast list and made right for all future Little Mermaid items! Thanks, congrats and see you tonight.

  • I didn’t make it in the cast, but would like to help with the play. Techie, behind stage, props or whatever. How can I find out?

    • Yes, we will be taking applications for Tech positions, please come down to our office during office hours (Mon-Thurs 9-2) and pick up a tech application fill it out and return to Josh (the shows director) or Nancy (the shows producer) Thanks again!

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