Elf Jr. and Keeping Mr. Lincoln Cast Lists

WThank you so much for each and every person who came out to auditions for these two upcoming shows. We had nearly 100 actors come out for only 55 parts, which means we just didn’t have enough parts for all the very, very talented actors that we saw. Please know that you all should be extremely proud of yourself and your auditions, we do hope to see you again soon at either another audition or one of our classes. Keep working hard, your determination will pay off. This choice was extremely difficult. Our next auditions will be on Dec 10 & 11 for The Neverending Story.

We are very excited to start both shows and greatly looking forward to work working with each and everyone of you. However the fun (and hard work!) is only beginning as we get ready to stage both Elf Jr. and Keeping Mr. Lincoln. If you are cast in Elf Jr. please note that you will have a mandatory parent and student meeting on Oct 15th at 6pm and if you are cast in Keeping Mr. Lincoln you will have a mandatory parent and student meeting on Oct 19th at 6pm. For, both meetings from 6pm to 7pm we’ll have all cast members and their families get started by picking up and filling out their paperwork, paying some fees, getting scripts and rehearsal calendars and then a welcome meeting; following that at 7pm we will start our first read through of the script, we will end at 8:30pm on this night. Please note at both of these meetings we will be taking your photo for publicity use on our website and in other venues! And now, without any further ado, our cast lists:

Elf Jr. Cast List

Buddy the Elf Lauren Decker
Walter Hobbs Niko Theriault
Emily Hobbs Hannah Damrell
Michael Hobbs Graham Blethen
Jovie Katy Connors
Santa Claus Brayden Schwartz
Manager Delaney Blethen
Deb Marlee Pettit
Chadwick Ava Nyce
Matthews Isabella Frantz
Elf/Reindeer Ensemble
Charlie/Dasher/Caroler Justin Hartwig
Shawanda/Dancer/Caroler Morgan Brendel
Elf #1/Prancer/Caroler Halsey Thurber
Elf #2/Vixen/Caroler Madelyn Miller
Elf #3/Commet/Caroler Kristen Schell
Elf #4/Cupid/Caroler Gabriel Wilson-Garcia
Elf #5/Donner /Caroler Lyla Parker
Elf/ Blitzen/Caroler Landry Allen
Elf/ Rudolph/Caroler Liana Schwan
New Yorkers/Macy’s Ensemble
Business Woman/ Mother Elsa Sorenson
Jogger/Saleswoman/Macy Employee Trina Kathren
Flyer Guy #1/ Macy Employee Eddie Bickett III
Flyer Guy #2/ Macy Employee Kati Piper
Souvlaki Seller/ Parent Kaylin Harkness
Passerby/ Macy Employee #1 Alissa Kennedy
Comforting New Yorker/ Parent Chloe Rainsberry
Teenager/Children Steven Harris
Macy Employee #2/New Yorker Dylan Harbo
Macy Employee #3/New Yorker Maureen Levy
Macy Employee #4/ New Yorker Rachel Jansons
Macy Employee #5/New Yorker Katie Custer
Santa’s Helper/Macy Employee Haylee Raymond
Fake Santa/New Yorker Court Saunders
Policeman #1/New Yorker Karrin Wierzchowski
Policeman #2/New Yorker Lorelai Sorenson
Child/New Yorker Sidney Dalseg
Charlotte Dennon/New Yorker Ryleigh McWilliams
Office Staff/Rockefeller Ensemble
Mr. Greenway/Rockefeller Skater Nolan Newsome
Sam/ Rockefeller Skaters Anthony Berg
Security Guard #1/ Rockefeller Skaters Jack Connors
Security Guard #2/ Rockefeller Skaters Erynn Riley
Sarah/ Rockefeller Skaters Alexandra Sorenson
Darlene Lambert/Office Staff/ Rockefeller Skaters Dempsi McGuire
Emma Van Brocklin/Office Staff/Rockefeller Skaters Gretchen Sandvig


Keeping Mr. Lincoln Cast List (Listed Alphabetically)

Dennis Hanks/ Jack Armstrong/ Tad Lincoln/Members of the White House Staff #2/ Male Voice Anthony Berg
Willie Lincoln/John Johnston/Petitioner Graham Blethen
Sallie Johnston/ Confederate Solider/ Villager 3/ Members of the White House Staff #1/ 1st Female Voice Hannah Damrell
William Herndon Sadie Halvorson
Lincoln Three (President Lincoln) Cleopatra Howell
Tom Linclon/Villager 2/John Bullock/ John Wilkes Booth Voice Jonathon Howell
Second Actor/ Cleary Grove Boys Trina Kathren
Nancy Hanks Lincoln/ Mr. Blair/ Villager 4/ Members of the White House Staff #3/ 2nd Female Voice Ryleigh McWilliams
First Actor/ Cleary Grove Boys Nolan Newsome
Lincoln One (Youth) Paris Nichols
Fourth Actor/ Matilda Johnston/ Cleary Grove Boys Marlee Pettit
Lincoln Four (Hardend By War Lincoln) Tayler Riley
Mary Todd Lincoln/Little Sarah/Villager 1 Alexandra Sorenson
Lincoln Two (Young Adult) Nikolas Theriault
Third Actor/Elizabeth Johnston/ Cleary Grove Boys Alexis Williams

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