From the intern’s desk: A fun week coming to a close!

Good morning! Our interns here are a big help and as I work hard in the office others play hard with the kids. As Pirates and Princesses week comes to a close we had a visit from Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Captain Hook! Thanks for the great performances, Caleb, Yzabelle, and John! The children so much enjoyed the visit as much as the interns enjoyed dressing up! Tomorrow we have a sharing day where the kids will show you what they have been working on! Our older class will also be performing a scene from Macbeth for The Stories of Shakespeare class. Don’t forget to come the last 15 minutes or so of your kids’ class to see them in action!┬áIf you haven’t been involved at ACT this summer yet don’t worry we still have tons of classes! Sign up online!

(We are also offering a few “this summer only” classes that aren’t online yet! You can sign up via phone or right here in the office)

~Annika Rose Rex~

Update! Captain Jack Sparrow visited us today. Congrats to everyone on your performances!

~Hallie Harris~

Captain Jack Sparrow

Janice McIntyre as Captain Jack

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