Heart for the Arts Sponsors Rock!

Our major fundraising event of the year, Heart for the Arts, would not be possible without the support of our major sponsors. Please help us acknowledge their generosity as well as support for making theatre arts accessible to all the children in our community. If you know them, thank them on our behalf! Stepping up this year as or Premiere Sponsor is the amazing Jo Brodzinski. Producer and Director level table sponsors are: First Step Community Counseling, Basin Gold Co-op, Cathy Kelly, Craig and Trish Porto Forman, Dr. Matt and Misty Baker Fewell, Dr. Larry and Louann Dobson Smith, and Richard Cummins and Meg Woods. We also would like to acknowledge our decorations sponsors Darrell and Vanessa Strong. We are very grateful for their help in sponsoring Heart for the Arts! Funds generated at Heart for the Arts are critical to keeping our doors open and our efforts continuing! And we are officially SOLD OUT!!!

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