High School Musical Jr 2021 Cast List

Here you will find the cast lists for ACT’s upcoming production of High School Musical Jr. Thank you so much for everyone who auditioned, we are very grateful for everyone who came out and put their time, energy, and effort in auditioning for the show. There was so much talent on display and we certainly faced many difficult choices, but we are excited to move forward with our cast! If you didn’t make it on to the cast list we encourage you to try again or take part in any of our upcoming summer classes or camps! If you are on the cast list below we are very excited to work with you and are looking forward to a wonderful production.

High School Musical Jr. will have its mandatory parent and student meeting on Monday March 22nd at 6pm at this meeting we will be filling out some paperwork, going over the fee collecting process, and going over all the information you’ll need to be in the production; we also will be talking about all the aspects of Zoom you’ll need to know while rehearsing and creating our production. Rehearsals start on March 23rd and typically will run from 6p-8p on Mondays through Thursdays with some selected Saturdays for recording (a full rehearsal calendar will be by the time our meeting starts on March 22nd. You can access this meeting by clicking here an email will be sent with the information too.

One of the changes for this process that will be taking place will be the way we collect our participation fee. As we will not be meeting person this fee will need to be taken care of online. You can pay for your $45 participation fee at the following link: https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?class=aoct Or by visiting our class registration section on our website. Due to the hardships involved with COVID19 ACT is waving our $85 ad fee, which usually runs in our program. If you still wish to make that donation to ACT we would be rather grateful, you can do so in the donation sections of our website or as you are checking out. IF participation fee is a hardship for you at this time please contact https://www.academyofchildrenstheatre.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/13690621_10154246250010169_588337160155678792_n-1.jpg@actstaff.org and arrangements can be made. ACT will not turn away any cast member due to financial hardships.

Thank you again for everyone who came out to the auditions, below is our cast list for High School Musical Jr.:

TroyJonathon Howell
GabriellaLola Eden
SharpayElizabeth Humbert
RyanQiana Bates
ChadSteven Harris
TaylorHayley Valentine
KelsiAlexis Williams
ZekeHayden Parker
MarthaMadi Miller
Jack ScottKatie Custer
Ms. DarbusStefany Self
Coach BoltonClint Howell
Ms. Tenny/ModeratorKathleen Harris
JocksGabe Wilson-Garcia
JocksSophie Sonnichsen
JocksVictoria Petersen
JocksMorgan Brendel
JocksRaelee McGregor
BrainsKayleigh Meade
BrainsElizabeth Blaine
BrainsIzzy Hall
BrainsStella Yazwinki
BrainsErin Ballo
James/Thespians/CheerleadersPaula Peredo
Susan/Thespians/CheerleadersMarla Edgecomb
Kathy/Thespians/CheerleadersAshlynn Smith
Cydra/Thespians/CheerleadersLila Self
Thespians/CheerleadersHelen Davis
Rebels/Party KidsLeah Smith
Rebels/Party KidsEmerson Yazwinski
Rebels/Party KidsYzabelle Openshaw
Rebels/Party KidsCara Harpster
Rebels/Party KidsCharlotte Seiner