Improv is an energetic and fun form of theatre in which the actors rely on their quick wits and innate desire to tell stories to create a show from audience suggestions instead of a script. Improv will improve your lateral thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and communications skills and it’s a whole lot of fun!

Improv Audition Workshop this Saturday
Want to brush up on your improv skills? Get ready for auditions? Like a chance to play theatre games with the amazing cast of SPC? Come out to our Improv Workshop this Saturday, May 5th from 12-2pm. Call ACT at 943-6027 to register or register online at: Be prepared to move your whole body, so wear comfortable clothes. A bottle of water would not be out of place either.

SPC and SPS Auditions
SPC is holding Auditions Saturday May 12th from 12-1:30pm and for our new 5th-8th grade improv program, Sparks (SPS), from 2-3:30pm.

Auditions are for anyone from grades 5-12 who would like to perform with an amazing improv troupe next year. Call ACT’s office at 943-6027 to reserve an audition spot.

Spontaneous Combustion (SPC) is ACT’s premier improv group and is available to students by audition only. SPC performs an unscripted form of theatre that is high energy, high-risk, and highly-entertaining. Performers ask for prompts from the audience which they use to create scenes on the fly using fast-paced games that are touching, interesting, and very funny.

Sparks (SPS) is a new project for grades 5-8 to develop a solid base in performance concentration on improvisational theatre. Sparks is for the younger actor willing to get goofy, take risks, and be a part of creating stories through theatre games.

SPC and SPS will be taught by Josh Darby and Hallie Harris, two of our instructors with over 10 years combined experience in the art of improv. Josh has studied at EWU and at California School of Film and is an experienced youth educator and the founder of SPC. Hallie studied drama at UW and has been performing improv since 2003.

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