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March 24, 2015

Internships & Apprenticeships

ACT’s Summer Education Intern Summer 2023


The ACT Summer Internship is open to high school students grades 9-12. 

An ACT Summer Intern is a person who loves theatre and wants to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run a theater. During the summer our interns are expected to attend our training session (June 15,16, & 17), assist in our classrooms, in the office, and to attend the weekly intern meeting.

Students will learn skills related to running a theatre, working in an office environment (including customer service, basic computer and office skills), and working in a classroom setting (including educational styles and teaching skills). On the intern application below there is a more detailed outline of duties and expectations.

For more information please contact Josh at or give our office a call at 943-6027


To Apply to be a Summer Intern, please download and fill out the above application and email it to .

The deadline for Summer Education Interns applications is Monday, April 20th.

For Applicants selected to receive an interview, they will be scheduled between April 24th and May 8th.

Interviews will be conducted in person or via Zoom (depending on the needs of the applicant). 


ACT’s Classroom Apprenticeship Summer 2023 & School Year 23-24

An ACT Classroom Apprentice is a person who has completed at least one year of the ACT Summer Internship Program.

ACT Classroom Apprentices are students who are interested in children’s theatre education and would like more experience working in the ACT classrooms yet will not be assigned to every class for the summer and school year class sessions.

During the summer, Classroom Apprentices are expected to attend the yearly June training session, and the weekly intern meeting the week prior to the class they help in.

During the school year, classroom apprentices are expected to have a meeting with their lead teacher prior to class so they will know best how to assist. 

To apply, please fill out the following application and email it to .

The deadline for Summer or School year Classroom Apprentices applications are April 20th (Summer) OR Aug 1st (School).

For applicants receiving interviews, they will be scheduled between April 24th and May 8th.

Interviews will be in person or on Zoom (depending on applicant need). You can download the application at the link below.

Photos From Past Intern Classes: