It’s A Wonderful Life Cast List

It's a Wonderful Life PosterThank you to everyone who came out to audition! It was an honor and a joy to meet each and every one of you. You all auditioned well, and you should be very proud of your effort. There is a lot of work ahead, but I know this talented cast is up to the challenge. I look forward to seeing you at rehearsals! Your director, Janice McIntyre

If you are on the cast list below we look forward to seeing you at our Mandatory Parent and Student Meeting on Oct 24th at 6pm. This will be where we go over all the information and have our first rehearsal/read through of the script!

What follows is the Cast List for It’s A Wonderful Life:

  • George Bailey – Brandon Harbo
  • Mary Bailey – Effie Xantheas
  • Mrs. Bailey – Julie Piper
  • Pop Bailey/Watchman – Wyatt Beck
  • Uncle Billy/Welch – Zack Taylor
  • Cousin Tilly – Tayler Riley
  • Cousin Eustace/Bouncer – Nathan Riel
  • Pete/Young Harry – Matt Damrell
  • Tommy/Young Sam – Asher Damrell
  • Janie/Ensemble – Ophelia Mast
  • Zuzu – Liana Schwan
  • Harry Bailey/Tom – Louis Theriault
  • Young George/Randall – Nikolas Theriault
  • Young Mary/Ensemble – Alexandra Sorenson
  • Young Violet/Ensemble – Hannah Damrell
  • Mrs. Hatch/Ensemble – Tiffany Varker
  • Gower/Marty/Horace – Carson Varker
  • Mr. Potter – Dan Kathren
  • Clarence/Rent Collector – Donald Sorenson
  • Jo/Woman #1- Chloe Bolz
  • Frankie – Lindsey Schifferl
  • Violet – Madilyn McWilliams
  • Bert/Random Guy #1- Ashton Singer
  • Ernie/Random Guy #2 – Ian King
  • Carter/Nick – Noah Manzanares
  • Martini/Charlie – Ryan Trader
  • Annie/Woman #2 – Carolina Whitford
  • Jake/Sheriff – Jonathon Howell
  • Flo/Secretary/Dr. Campbell – Brooke Damrell
  • Sam Wainwright/Horace – Daniel Thien
  • Mrs. Thompson/Attendant – Charlotte Beck
  • Jane Wainwright/Miss Davis – Ellie James
  • Maria Martini/Ensemble – Elliott Page
  • Child #1/Martini Child/Ensemble – Kati Piper
  • Child #2/Martini Child/Ensemble – Josie Allen
  • Child #3/Martini Child/Ensemble – Erynn Riley
  • Child #4/Martini Child/Ensemble – Skylar Piper
  • Townspeople, Ensemble: Kathy Holbrook, Baylee Sanderson, Izzy Montgomery, Trina Kathren, Ryleigh McWilliams, Kyla McManus

Thanks for all who auditioned! We look forward to a great show!

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