Junie B. Jones: The Musical Cast List

Cast of Junie B. Jones

Thank you so much for an excellent set of auditions!  You made the job of casting super tough!  If you are not on this cast list, for the most part it is absolutely not because your audition was poor.  In the end, it came down to heights, sizes, looks, color of hair, and then some.  There are a lot of stellar actors who were not cast simply because they did not fall into any of these categories.  However, we still would like to work with you! I really encourage you to audition for one of the other mainstage shows this year.  Also, check out our performance groups (Encore, Stardust, Troupe, and Troupers are all taking audition appointments for the next season!)  If you are interested in auditioning for one of these groups, please contact me at Julie@actstaff.org and I’ll give you more info.– Julie Schroeder, Director

If your name is on the cast list below, congratulations and we look forward to seeing you at the mandatory parent and student meeting on May 31st at 6pm.

What follows is the cast list for Junie B. Jones:

Bobbi Jean Piper- Izzie Hall

Camille- Hannah Damrell

Chenille- Ryleigh McWilliams

Daddy- Carson Varker

Grace-  Alexandra Sorenson

Herb- Peter Wilhelm

Jose- Aiden Cloutier

Junie B. Jones- Lola Edens

Lennie- Jack Beagle

Lucille- Katie Hatch

May- Hayley Laurence

Mother- Hailey Forsyth

Mr. Scary- Noah Manzaneres

Mrs. Gutzman- Madelyn McWilliams

Sheldon- Arlo McGowen

Ensemble-  Lily Lands, Maureen Levy, Marla Edgecomb,  Kitty Greenaway, Hannah Lawter, Anita Valdez, Liah Meredith, Corinne Hatch, Lexi Almquist, Marlee Petitt, Carly Tranbarger, Brayden McManus

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