Little Women: The Musical

Little Women: The Musical Cast List

We thank you all so very much for coming out to auditions, we are very excited to work with the cast of this show, but it was an extremely difficult choice. Possibly the hardest that I’ve had to make; please know that everyone who came out did a very wonderful job but in the end we had very few parts to cast. We are excited to start the rehearsal process on Monday Feb 16th with our Mandatory Parent Meeting at 6pm, for both parents and actors, followed by a read through. This rehearsal will end around 8:30p. You will be given a full rehearsal calendar and other info at this meeting. What follows is the Little Women: The Musical:

  • Jo March – Elizabeth Andersen
  • Meg – Whitney Holland
  • Beth – Olga Laskin
  • Amy – Hannah Fewel
  • Marmee – Luisa Campbell
  • Laurence – Paul Davis
  • Aunt March — Deeana Hoyt
  • Laurie – Dan Aimone
  • Professor Bhaer – John Davis
  • John Brooke – Brandon Harbo
  • Kirk – Yzabelle Tow
  • Clarissa – Cleopatra Howell
  • Braxton – Kendal Miller
  • Rodrigo – Quinn Hanrahan
  • Knight – Josiah Pickard
  • Rodrigo 2 – Olga Laskin
  • Lead Hag – Danielle Andersen
  • Lead Troll – Mariah Campbell
  • Female Ensemble Members
    • Hailey Howard
    • Sarah Ullmann
    • Lillian Thurber
    • Tayler Riley
    • Keri Kelly
    • Natalie Davis
    • Katherine Connors
  • Male Ensemble Members
    • Josiah Pickard
    • Noah Manzenres
    • Matthew Smith
    • Zachary Chandler

One thought on “Little Women: The Musical

  • Hello! I tried out for this play, but didn’t get in, and since I would still love to be a part of the production, I am curious as to whether you will be using a live pit orchestra. If so, how can I try out for that?
    Thank you very much,
    -Valarie M.

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