Neverending Story Cast List

neverendingThank you so much for everyone who came out to audition for The Neverending Story. We are very excited for this show and to work with each and everyone of you. Our director Emily Richman had a VERY tough choice in front of her, as each and every person who came out for auditions did a great job and we could have cast this show several different ways. That being said we only had a limited amount of parts for this show and couldn’t cast everyone. If you didn’t make the cast list this time, we do hope to see you in one of our classes, programs, or at another audition. Our next set will be in March for Alice In Wonderland.

If you are on the cast below please note that our mandatory parent and student meeting will be on MONDAY DECEMBER 17th at 6pm. At this meeting we will get your contact information updated, fill out paper work, collect some fees, hand out scripts, give out our calendars, and have our first meeting as a cast. We will also be taking our publicity photos for the show on this evening. The meeting section will run from 6p-7p and then we’ll have a read through of our script from 7p-8:30p.

Thank you again for all who came out. What follows is our cast list for The Neverending Story:


The Neverending Story Cast List

Bastian — Asher Damrell

Falkor/Bastian’s Dad — Court Saunders

Bully #1/Lirr —Michael Hull

Bully #2/Baureo — Isabella Frantz

Bully #3/Sheerek — Karrin Wierzchowski

Bully #4/Mayestrel — Mackenzie Nolan

Bookseller — Kobe Daniels

Adult Voice/Uyulala — Brettnee Helton

Atreyu — Connor Cox

Artax — Delaney Blethen

Cairon/Rockbiter — Steven Harris

Gmork — Katelynn Roohr

Morla — Maggie Schwan

Urgl — Liana Schwan

Engywook — Gabriel Wilson-Garcia

The Childlike Empress — Morgan Brendel

The Nothing Ensemble — Dimi Marinov, Charlie Graham, Natasha McGrath, Allison Martin, Lyla Garza, Ben Brown, Eva Peppard, Ally Rohdenburg, Sophie Sonnichsen, Michael Hull, Isabella Frantz, Karrin Wierzchowski, Mackenzie Nolan, Kobe Daniels, Steven Harris, Maggie Schwan

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