OLIVER! Cast List

Thank you all so much for giving great auditions, this was a very tough choice. The following is the cast list for Oliver! Please remember there will be a parent meeting/read thru on TUESDAY May 29th at 5:30p. Thanks so very much, I am excited to work with you.

Josh Darby


Oliver! Cast List
Oliver Jantz Levin
Mr. Bumble Jim Mallioux
Widow Corney Rita Fryer
Noah Claypole Nathan Grant
Mr. Sowerberry Jerrold Forsyth
Mrs. Sowerberry Diana Milton
Charlotte Yzabelle Tow
The Artful Dodger Shane Morrow
Fagin Chris Kelly
Nancy Becca Kelly
Charley Devin Smith
Bet Meg Nelson
Bill Sykes Tristan Mailoux
Mrs. Bedwin Katie Evans
Mr. Brownlow Maxwell Lembeck
Jacob Morrow
Suzie Conley
Tera Berry
Solomon Smucker
Sienna Forsyth
Grace Cook
Hannah Dammrell
Chloe Bolz
Felix Jacob
Meredith Massey
Jeweli Perez
Kyandra Hardy
Tayler Riley
Abigail Withers
Selah Bennett
Street Vendors
Rose Seller Hannah Evans
Milkmaid Whitney Rodgers
Strawberry Seller Kelsey Forman
Knife Grinder
Long Song Seller
Old Sally Hallie Harris
Old Lady Mary Thomas
Dr. Grimwig Alex Vesey
Boy Elijah Fryer
First Woman Whitney Holland
Second Woman Janie Grant
Man Keri Kelly
2nd Sarah Ullman
3rd Jenise Mailloux
4th Hannah Conley
Charman (Bartender) Abby Bennett
Thieves Chorus
Hannah Fewel
Colby Richards
Casey Berry
Mikah Turpin
Daniel Bennett
Zachary Chandler
Brandon Harbo
Jewel Bressler
Sophie Smucker
Kanako Kawabe
Celopatra Howell
Abby Kelly
Street Runners
Night Watchman Daniel Conley
First Bow Street Runner Efrain Portrgal
Second Bow Street Runner Katelin Grant
Street Runners Megan Thompson
Gretchen Dotson
Rachael Spencer
Haley Forsyth

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