January 1, 2012

Educational Resources

As principal of Columbia Elementary, School, thanks you for your support of these kids. They absolutely loved the experience. As the father of a fifth grade boy that loves theatre, he enjoyed this experience from start to finish. I thank you! -Ian Yale, Principal, Columbia Elementary School

What can ACT do for you? ACT offers affordable ways for teachers to keep the arts alive in the classroom.

princess fair 11School Shows:  During the school year, ACT performs five literature-based MainStage Productions. We provide special “School Shows” on Thursdays during the run of the show. Show times are 9:15am and 12pm. Please use the School Show Contract for the current season on our Forms Page to submit your request for tickets and reservations.

Traveling Tales and Traveling Tales Express:  Let ACT bring THEATRE TO YOUR SCHOOL. Experience the creativity and fun of a full-length production in your own space. Traveling Tales is an eight-week after-school program meeting twice weekly for two hours. Traveling Tales Express is a more compact, one-week program. Casting is done on the first day with the remaining days committed to rehearsal sessions.
What We Bring:
-Two qualified Tour Guides (teacher/directors) who will audition, cast, and direct upbeat rehearsals, leading to a fabulously fun performance;
-scripts, music, sets, props, and costumes. Students may be asked to bring personal items such as tights and shoes;ACT%20Autism003
-promotional materials such as posters and programs.
What You Provide:
-a large space to hold auditions;
-two rehearsal spaces (one for performance rehearsal and one for music/choreography);
-performance promotion;
-piano and piano player (options: our piano player at cost, or CD accompaniment, if available.);
-students (of course)!
Traveling Tales and Traveling Tales Express Application
Traveling Tales and Traveling Tales Express FAQ

camp rock 5Write Your Own Story:   This program is designed for at-risk students to tell their life story in their words. The program features one or more ACT staff members working with at-risk students. After their story is written (you can write using essay writing service), they will be discreetly given to an ACT selected group of actors and prepped for performance. The presentation program will allow the ‘authors’ to view their stories on stage.
Students will be asked to choose one or more of the following prompts for their story:
-a positive memory you have;
-a moment that has shaped who you are;
-a typical day in your life;
-someone important in your life;
-something important to you;
-something significant in your life.
Advantages for Students:
-students are given a chance to tell their story in their own words (empowering students to have a voice);
-introduces them to writing as an outlet;ACT%20Autism002
-learn basic playwriting skills
-introduces the theatre arts;
-seeing their story performed allows them to hear the effect their words have on themselves, others and the community.
Advantages for the Performing Students:
-develops their theatre skills
-gives understanding to a different point of view
-works with others to create a presentation for the community.

Treasure Trunk Theatre: A creative and unique experience for students 3rd grade and under. This is a way to help students create a story by thinking ‘outside the trunk!’ ACT will pack up our magic trunk and bring it into your school. Through creative play, our experienced educators help your students expand their creativity to the world around them. (Questions: length? Cost? When?)

FB_IMG_1439832709462At Home On Stage: This homeschool class offers students the chance to learn valuable theatre skills while creating a presentation to be performed on the last day of class. Class sessions are two hours/day, two days/week for three weeks with a minimum eight students/max of 20. Class is $85/student per session. Family discounts available.
Home On Stage Season:
Sep: Alice in Wonderland
Oct: James and the Giant Peach
Nov: Pinocchio
Dec: A Christmas Carol
Jan: Chronicles of Narnia
Feb: Anne of Green Gables
Mar: Ramona Quimby/Henry and Ramona
Apr: Peter Pan
May: Little Women
Jun: The Wind in the Willows

For more information and pricing details contact info@actstaff.org