Schoolhouse Rock Cast List!

ACT is proud to announce the cast list for our final show of our 20th Anniversary Season Schoolhouse Rock Live! Our directing team was very surprised and impressed by the level of talent and preparation given by all the auditioneers! Thank you to everyone who came out, we have some tough choices to make but we are excited to work with each and everyone of our cast members. If your name appears below we look forward to seeing you at our mandatory parent and student meeting on MONDAY March 14th at 6pm. At this point you will get your rehearsal calendar, script and pay your fees. There will be a first read through of the script to follow for the cast and rehearsals start the following day. What follows is the cast list for Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Schoolhouse Rock Cast List

TOM: Cameron Winslow

Group 1: Kylie Baldwin, Lola Eden, Natalie Davis, Caitlyn Palmer, Rachel Morris, Chloe Bolz, Eve Gibson, Trinity Pompanio, Zack Taylor, Nathan Rell, Peter Wilhelm, Jesse Romero

Group 2: Alexandra Sorenson, Sienna Forsyth, Haley Forsyth, Ainslee Workman, Elliot Page, Reggie Rannow, Kimberly Rannow, Alexis Williams, Zaina Ibrahim, Malachi Davis, Niko Theriault, Joeseph Kilpack

Group 3: Sophia Shoham, Katy Connors, Rachael Spencer, Sadie Halvorson, Lily Beagle, Meaghan Davis, Emily Rhodenberg, Sydney Crosier, Delilah Agbisit, Lilly Lands

Group 4: Megan Hatley, Tayler Riley, Erynn Riley, Olivia Diaz, Gianna Myer, Ally Winslow, Azana Nunez, Brooklyn Davenport, Jesse Lober, Janessa Ramirez

Group 5: Baylee Sanderson, Hannah Damrell, Carly Tranberger, Bianca Howell, Madilyn McWilliams, Ryleigh McWilliams, Kaylee Door, Marlee Pettit, Sydney Wilhelm, Noah Manzanares, Jackson Yale, Brayden McManus

We are very excited to start this production! See you soon!

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