Shrek Cast List is Finally Here – and some important information

The Shrek cast list is finally here!  Thank you to everyone that auditioned. The decisions were difficult as there are so many talented people at ACT!  If you were not cast, but are still interested in working on the show, please come in and fill out a tech audition form.  We always need help with make-up, costumes, lights, backstage, etc.  (Remember, without tech people, actors would be in the dark, no one could hear them and they would be acting in their street clothes!)

We will be having a read through and receiving scripts the 2nd week in July so check back here for more information.  We are also waiting for the choreographer to give us some rehearsal dates based on your feedback from the calendars that you filled out at the meeting.  So keep checking and we’ll update the blog as soon as we have some more rehearsal information.  We will be having a boot camp August 19-23, so please put that on your calendar.  After that, rehearsals will run Monday-Thursday, 6-8 pm.  We will be handing out calendars at the read-through.

Again, thank you for an amazing turnout for a Shrek!

Baldwin Kylee Spoon, Skeleton
Ballo Erin Mama   Ogre, Dulac singer,Dragon, Blind mouse
Brown Kaylee Humpty   Dumpty, Dulac dancer
Brown Caleb Captain   of the guards
Cooper Sonnet Happy   person, tree, choir
Cox Kyle Donkey
Cox Connor Little   ogre, puss in boots
Davis John Happy   person, guard
Fewel Hannah Sugar   plum fairy, Dulac dancer, Skeleton
Fryhling Greg Lord   Farquaad
Fryling Jeremy Baby   bear
Gaumnitz Kristina Fairy   Godmother, Dulac singer
Grant Janie Tree,   Dulac dancer, choir
Grant Katelin Happy   person, Dulac dancer, Skeleton, choir
Grant Nathan Happy   person, Guard, Dulac dancer, Knight
Hanrahan Quinn Assistant   Director
Hardy Kyandra Happy   person, tree, choir
Hedlund Annia Mama   bear, Dulac dancer, Blind mouse
Hernandez Idaly Happy   person, tree, choir, Dulac dancer
Herr Anjuli Witch,        Teen Fiona
Howard Hailey Guard
Landon Sarah Fiona,   Fiona(ogre)
Laskin Shani Young   fiona, Skeleton, FairyTale character
Levin Jantz Pig,   Dulac dancer, Knight
Lewis Josee Guard,   Skeleton
Lysher Ryan Happy   person, tree, Fiona(double)
Meyer Mischa White   rabbit, Dulac dancer
Miller Scott Papa   Ogre, Pig, Dulac dancer, Knight
Nelson Meg Duck,   Skeleton
Nundahl Brenton Papa   bear, Dulac dancer, Knight
Page Dylan Guard
Portch Grace Happy   person, Tree, Dulac dancer, choir
Portugal Efrain Happy   person, Guard, Knight
Remington Trenton Pinocchio,   Dulac dancer
Riley Alexandra Happy   person, Tree, Dulac dancer, choir
Riley Tayler Dish,   Dulac dancer
Roller Logan Peter   Pan, Dulac dancer
Selanders-Hardy Megan Queen   Lilliana
Smith Matthew Pig,   Dulac singer
Smith Devin Guard
Smith Patrick Shrek
Spencer Rachael Happy   person, Tree, Dulac dancer, choir
Taylor Daisy Guard
Taylor Boston Happy   person, Gingi, Dulac dancer, Blind mouse
Taylor Jesse Happy   person, Guard, Dwarf
Tow Yzabelle Happy   person, Tree, Dulac dancer, choir
Turpin Micah Happy   person, Dulac singer, Knight, Bishop
Veysey Alex Wolf,   Dulac dancer, Knight
Zimmerman Jessica Happy   person, Guard


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