Shrek – revised cast list

The Shrek read-through last night was filled with characters!  Fairytale creatures singing along with guards and trees, multiple Fionas bemoaning their fate, and singing skeletons and knights being back up singers to a dragon. However, after the read-through we had to make a few changes in the list as we missed a few characters in our casting.  (Not hard to do when you realize that there are over 75 different characters!)  The link below shows the revised cast list.  It also shows, at the top of the link, the scene numbers.  Make sure you write down your part AND the scene number for each listing by your name!  Rehearsal schedules will list either characters OR scenes so you need to know both!  We are very excited about our fall musical, Shrek!

Cast by parts – June 11, 2013 – pdf

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  • Where would I find the most recent rehearsal calendar for Shrek. I am always thinking I am going to miss one.

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