Taste Our Yummy November Acting Classes!

November classes begin Saturday Nov 2! Photo thanks to martha_chapa95 of flickr

November classes begin Saturday Nov 2!
Photo thanks to martha_chapa95 of flickr

What are you cooking up this month? November classes start this weekend and are a great way to relax, have fun, and learn something new!

Advanced Classes

Rasaboxes and Stage Combat will keep you in shape weekday evenings while The Actor’s Workshop is a place to learn new things from expert instructors.

Grades 7-12

Building a Character I
Gr 7-12 | Saturdays, Nov 2-23 | 12-2p | $55

Students will choose a character from any book and develop a monologue, design a costume, and apply make-up for a performance on Nov 30 at Barnes and Noble. Students will “compete” to encourage patrons to “vote” for their book.

Grade School

Grades 4-6

Fantasy Characters
Gr 4-6 | Saturdays, Nov 2-23 | 10:30a-12:30p | $55

If you were a scientist or a magician and could make any kind of fantasy character that you wanted, what would it be like? What kinds of things could it do? How would it react with and to people? Could it fly, speak, make stars, build houses? Come and join us in creating a world of your imagination.

Grades 1-3

My Story
Gr 1-3 | Saturdays, Nov 2-23 | 9a-11a | $55

Explore your own story! What have you done that is Fun? Scary? Hard? Exciting? We’ll build a play around your stories!


PreK & Kinder

Thanksgiving is Food!
PreK-K | Saturdays, Nov 2-23 | 9a-10:30a | $45

Using books like Rice is Life by Rita Golden Gelman, pre-kindergarten students will make up stories about the food that they like and celebrate by making some food of their own and sharing with others.

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