The Actor’s Workshop Presents: Audition and Music Selection with Rob Hanson

Have you ever auditioned for a musical? The musical theatre audition can be intimidating. They ask for a musical selection in lieu of a monologue and you only get a few seconds. If you’ve ever auditioned or want to audition for a musical, check out Rob Hanson’s workshop this Sunday. Rob has been auditioning as an actor and as a director for over 20 years. He’ll answer a range of questions on the audition process, if you’re not getting the parts you want or you’re nervous about auditioning, Rob will help you get on your feet.

In this session, Rob will take you through the finer points of auditioning: what you need to have ready, what kind of songs will get the part, and what manners are appropriate for an audition. This set of guidelines will help you in most musical audition situations to make you look like you’re the best for whatever part you are after.

About the Instructor

Ballet, Hip-Hop Concerts, Opera, Musical Theatre, Shakespearean Drama: Robert Hanson has been on one side of the audition table or another for over 20 years. Currently Director of Theatre and Choirs at the Kiona-Benton City School District, he holds a degree in Music Education from Central Washington University, sits as a principal violist in the Mid-Columbia Symphony, and is a frequent performer with Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre and Columbia Basin College Summer Showcase.

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