The Great Gatsby Cast List

Here you will find the cast list for ACT’s upcoming production of The Great Gatsby. Thank you so much for everyone who auditioned, we are very grateful for everyone who came out and put their time, energy, and effort in auditioning for these shows. These choices were very difficult and, at the end of the day, we had a limited numbers of parts and far more qualified people then we could ever possibly cast. If you didn’t get into this show, we (genuinely) hope to see you again at future audition or at one of our classes, camps or programs. Please reach out to us at for information. These classes, camps, and programs are great way to learn theatrical skills and be involved here at ACT!

If you are on the cast list below we are very excited to work with you and are looking forward to a wonderful production.

The Great Gatsby will have its mandatory parent and student meeting on Monday December 19th at 6pm. This meeting will be held at ACT. We will also be having the cast do our first “read” through of the script from 7pm to 8:30pm. During the read through we are also going to have a secondary meeting for families about getting involved during the production. If you are on the cast list below, please email letting her know that you’ve seen and accept which part you’ve been cast so that we can make sure we have a working email address for you. We will be delivering scripts digitally for this production so it is imperative that we have a working email address for you. Also, if you’d prefer a paper script you may print the digital copy given or let Lisa know in your email and ACT can provide a paper script at the parent meeting. As our script is a new work, there will be changes and updates to it as we go through the process. If you are planning on printing off the script on your own please wait until after our read through so we can give you the most up to date copy we can. Additionally, There will be lots of communication via email and it’s important that we have a working email address for you and your family.

At our meeting on Monday we will be going over paperwork, fees and handing out a calendar and scene breakdown for the production. Our calendar is being created based around your conflicts. If you need to add any conflicts PLEASE email Lisa prior to Monday December 19th with all your known conflict dates. You can pay your fees for the production by clicking the following link:

What follows is the cast list for The Great Gatsby:

Characters- Character Description- Actor

Nick Caraway- New to school- G Sandvig

Tom Buchanan- Star Quarterback/Daisy’s Boyfriend-  Cas Luther

Daisy Caraway- Nick’s Cousin, Tom’s Girlfriend- CeCe Henley

Jay Gaysby- He’s Great?- Ben Brown

Jordan Baker- Golfer/ Nick’s Girlfriend- Leila Rae Navrrrete

George Wilson- Myrtle’s Boyfriend-  Samantha Hanrahan

Myrtle- Tom’s secret Girlfriend- Helen Davis

Meyer- Gatsby’s “Friend”- Qiana Bates

Owl Eyes- Guest at Gatsby’s party- Moon Sleater

Zelda- Guest at Gatsby’s party/School Gossip- Grace Blethen

Michaelis- Witness/George’s friend- Kympton Wilson

Police officer- A police officer- Christy Sleater

Catherine/Gatsby’s Mom- Myrtle’s Sister/Gatsby’s Mom- Sadie Halvorson

Sam/Party Guest 1- Daisy’s classmate- Mattea Culey

Chester/Party Guest 2- Friend of Catherine- Noah Krogman

Lucille/Party Guest 3- Friend of Catherine- Erynn Riley

Mary/Party Guest 4- Guest at Gatsby’s party- Skye Mitchell

Lucie/Party Guest 5- Guest at Gatsby’s party- Boston Breitkreitz

Sean/Party Guest 6- Tom’s friend- Charli Fisse

Sloane/Party Guest 7- Tom’s friend- Elli Smith

DJ/Ensemble*- DJ at Gatsby’s Party- Arthur Hagge

Passenger 1/Ensemble*- On the train to New York- Lyla Garza

Passenger 2/Ensemble*- On the train to New York- Lana Maloney

Passenger 3/Ensemble*- On the train to New York- Quincy Leyde

Party Guest 8/Ensemble*- Guest at Gatsby’s party- Jack Ockenfels

Ensemble*- Julia Thiel

Ensemble*- Grace Johnson

Ensemble*- Makayla Wells

*The Ensemble are Party Guests, School Ensemble, Bystanders*