The Hobbit & Twelfth Night Callbacks Announcements

WOW!!! So many talented people came out to auditions for The Hobbit and Twelfth Night when all is said and done we will have had over 100 people come out for both shows. I want to remind everyone that not everyone who is cast will be called back, there are far more parts to cast in each show then what we are calling actors back for. Final cast lists will be posted right here Firday Nov 21st at Noon. Also a reminder that just because you are called back does not mean that you are guaranteed a spot in either show; finally you may be called back for one show but ultimately cast in the other (there is still a lot up in the air.)

With that said, what follows are the callback lists for both Twelfth Night and The Hobbit, if your name appears on the list you may stop by ACT tomorrow to pick up the scenes that you will be working with during the callback. Callbacks will be held from 6pm-7:30pm, please be here on time. You may or may not be need there the entire time, you will be released when you are finished. Thanks for everyone’s great work so far and the hard work you will continue to put in.

Twelfth Night Callbacks

  • Olivia
    • Valarie Milbrath
    • Whitney Holland
    • Shayla Wright
  • Viola
    • Cleopatra Howell
    • Gabrielle Clegg
    • Rachel Spencer
    • Michelle Adams
    • Annie Powers
  • Maria
    • Kristina Gumnitz
    • Elizabeth Anderson
    • Sara Leon
  • Feste
    • Rose York
    • Maggie MacDuff
    • Elizabeth Anderson
    • Jantz Levin
  • Malvolio
    • Brandon Harbo
    • Cameron Winslow
    • Caleb MacDuff
    • Alex Veysay

The Hobbit Callbacks

  • Bilbo
    • Carson Varker
    • Mikah Turpin
    • John Davis
  • Gandalf
    • Clark Carlson
    • Zack Taylor
    • Dan Conley
    • James Callaghan
  • Thorin
    • Caleb M. Brown (Son of Shannon & Barrett Brown… you know as the dwarfs say.)
    • Dan Conley
    • Matthew “Fun Dip” Smith
  • Gollum
    • Carson Varker
    • Josiah Pikard
    • James Callaghan
  • Elf-Queen
    • Jill Faulk
    • Natalie Mote
    • Jewel Bressler
  • Bard
    • Jacob Morrow
    • Josiah Pikard
    • Caleb M. Brown (Son of Shannon & Barrett Brown… you know as the dwarfs say.)
  • Dwarfs
    • Matthew “Fun Dip” Smith
    • Jacob Morrow
    • Daniel Thien


Thanks! We will see this evening!

You can click a downloadable PDF right here. Hobbit & Twelfth Night Callbacks

Josh and Ellicia

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