The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical Cast List

Here you will find the cast list for ACT’s upcoming production of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. We are extremely grateful to everyone who auditioned! As we said in the audition everyone should be proud of the work they have done! Each show has its own very specific needs and we did our best to fill out this show with as many folks as we could. This was a very competitive audition. We are very thankful for everyone who put their time, energy, and effort in auditioning for the show. The Percy Jackson musical was originally done with 7 actors and we had over 70 people audition. As always, these choices are very difficult due to the limited number of parts and far, far more qualified people than we could ever possibly cast. We did our best to squeeze as many actors as we could into the show. If you didn’t get into this show, we (sincerely) hope to see you again at a future audition or at one of our classes, camps, or programs. Please contact us at for information. These classes, camps, and programs are great way to learn theatrical skills and be involved here at ACT!

If you are on the cast list below we are very excited to work with you and are looking forward to a wonderful production.

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical will have its mandatory parent and student meeting on Monday June 12th at 6pm. This meeting will be held at ACT. We will also be having the cast do our first read through of the script from 7pm to 8:30pm. While the actors work with the directing team on the first read through, families will join our production manager Lisa Howell and some parent volunteers for a secondary meeting for families about getting involved in the production and making it a fun family event. 

If you are on the cast list below, please email letting her know that you’ve seen and accept the part you’ve been cast so that we can make sure we have a working email address for you. There will be lots of communication via email and it’s important that we have a working email address for you and your family. Lisa will be emailing you your paperwork prior to the meeting and if you can email it back to her prior to the meeting it will make the process a bit smoother.

At our meeting on Monday we will be going over guidelines, paperwork, fees and handing out a calendar, and scene breakdown for the production. Our calendar is being created based around your conflicts. If you need to add any conflicts PLEASE email Lisa prior to Monday June 12th with all of your known conflict dates. You can pay your fees for the production by clicking the following link:

*NEW UNDERSTUDY ROLES* Over the past few seasons we’ve noticed more and more of a need for understudies at ACT. So, we are going to try something new this season and see how it works. An Understudy is someone who learns a role(s) in the show so if a person cannot perform on a given evening (illness, emergency, etc.) the understudy has learned the part is ready to step on the stage in the role. As you can image this is A LOT of extra work. But is a vital and important part of theatre. However, there are some pros and cons to being a traditional casted understudy. With that said, here’s how we are going to handle things at ACT:

If you are interested in being an understudy for The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical you need to email AND BEFORE Monday June 12th. Your email should include the role(s) you’d like to understudy for. The production team will consider each request and assign understudies for roles based off your audition. We will announce them after the read through on Monday the 12th. Understudies will need to be at all rehearsals as the character(s) that they are understudying for, ready to take notes and learn the part. Understudies will perform during one of the school shows, which school show is TBD. If you have any questions on this new opportunity don’t hesitate to ask.

What follows is the cast list for The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical:

Percy Jackson-Hayden Parker

Annabeth-Qiana Bates

Grover-Charli Fisse

Luke-Sylvyn Mitchell

Sally Jackson-Rachael Smith-Seeliger

Mr. Brunner (Chiron)-Percy Jones

Clarisse-Bonnie Fairfield

Mr. D/Ares-Justen Tjarks

Half Bloods Campers Ensemble

Silena Beauregard & Campers Ensemble-Devi McGraw

Katie Gardner & Campers Ensemble-Mattea Culley

Thalia & Campers Ensemble-Genesis Rodriguez

Young Annabeth & Campers Ensemble-Payton Bailey

Young Luke & Campers Ensemble-Aria Tjarks

Cyclops & Campers Ensemble-Elli Smith

Squirrel & Campers Ensemble-Asher Lockhaven

Charon & Campers Ensemble-Anna Brown

Hades & Campers Ensemble-Eliana Mast

Poseidon & Campers Ensemble-Sky Mitchell

Greyhound Passenger 1 & Campers Ensemble-Teagan Maxwell

Greyhound Passenger 2 & Campers Ensemble-Jacquelyn Valdez

Campers Ensemble-Lila Kreis

Campers Ensemble-Bentley Daniels

Campers Ensemble-Ellison Mitchell

Campers Ensemble-Jessi Contreras

Kronos (Voice Only) & Campers Ensemble-TBD

Campers Ensemble-Mac Pettett

Campers Ensemble-Sydney Jarvis

Campers Ensemble-Paxton Jakubek

Chorus (Students/Ocean/Spooky Trees/Tourists/The Dead)

The Oracle/Gabe Ugliano & Chorus Ensemble-Robyn Sherman

Aunt Em (Medusa) & Chorus Ensemble-Lana Maloney

Mrs. Dodds & Chorus Ensemble-Ara Hagge

Minotaur & Chorus Ensemble-Noah Peterson

Train Conductor/Bus Driver & Chorus Ensemble-Temperance Gentry

Echidna & Chorus Ensemble-G Sandvig

Farmer & Chorus Ensemble-Carly Stover

Bianca & Chorus Ensemble-Abbey Genack

DJ Cerberus & Chorus Ensemble-Max Pattee

Newscaster & Chorus Ensemble-Quincy Leyde

James Brown & Chorus Ensemble-Jonah Gutierrez

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Chorus Ensemble-Harper Hagen

Kurt Cobain & Chorus Ensemble-Lukas Larsen

Janis Joplin & Chorus Ensemble-Leila Rae Navarrete
Poker Player 1/Echoes & Chorus Ensemble-Ainsley Humann

Poker Player 2/Echoes & Chorus Ensemble-Paula Peredo

Poker Player 3/Echoes & Chorus Ensemble-Ben Masterman

Poker Player 4/Echoes & Chorus Ensemble-Isabella Truijillo

Fury 2 & Chorus Ensemble-Payton Boston

Fury 3 & Chorus Ensemble-Julia Thien

The Chimera & Chorus Ensemble-Nikki Jones

Easter Girl Statue & Chorus Ensemble-Iris Hagen

Uncle Ferdinand Statue & Chorus Ensemble-Horizon Montes

Hugging Couple Statue 1 & Chorus Ensemble-JT Rowden

Hugging Couple Statue 2 & Chorus Ensemble-Madison Pettey

Chorus Ensemble-Lou Cotterell

Chorus Ensemble-Hannah Jolie Selland

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