The Wizard of Oz Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of the Wizard of Oz!  For convenience the cast list is divided into groups. Some groups may also be included in other scenes, to be determined later. You will likely know what that is before you wizard of ozreceive the final calendar.  Please don’t ask now, as we are still working on it!  The Munchkins will only be in the Munchkin scenes.

This was the most challenging casting to date!  We had an unbelievable amount of actors audition, and everyone was so qualified!  If your name is not on this list, remember we still have 4 more productions this season, and we hope to see you there!

If you are on the cast list below please note that there is a Mandatory Parent and Student meeting on the evening of May 29th at 6pm. At this time we will be going over all paperwork, fees, and everything else that we can to get you ready for the show. We will also be taking publicity photos of the actors as this meeting.

And now here is the cast list for the Wizard of Oz:             

Wizard of Oz Cast List

Dorothy- Patricia Sackschewsky                                 

Scarecrow-Niko Theriault                                 

Tin ManBrayden Schwartz

Lion- Brandon Harbo                                                       

Glinda- Kerry Kelly          

Wicked Witch-  Isi Jo Perry                               

The Crow Trio: Taylor Riley, Emma Tomlinson, Delaney Schroeder

The Jitterbug Trio: Katy Connors, Hannah Damrell, Isabella Frantz

Yellow Brick Road: Carly Frazier

Uncle Henry- Daniel Thien                                

Aunt Em- Jane Winslow                                     

Hunk – Reece Wilm

Hickory- Elijah Hall                                              

Zeke- Anthony Berg                                            

Professor Marvel-The Wizard- Dan Kathren

Doorman-  Lauren Decker                                 

Guard -Brenton Nundahl

The Winkies/ Enchanted Trees:  Delaney Blethen, Emelie Avalos, Mady Roders, Marlee Pettit, Vanessa Robles, Ryleigh McWilliams, Brinnia George, Abigail Hollenburg, Ally Winslow

Flying Monkeys: Lucas LeBarge, Noah Peterson, Graham Blethen, Asher Damrell, Jack Connors, Alexis Williams, Brayden McManus, Eddie Bickett III, Nolan Newsome, Jo Blaine, Maureen Levy, Raquel Fry, Jonah Tomlinson,               

Ozians/Opt. Voices:        

Kaylin Harkness, Emily Rhodenburg, , Grace Maxwell, Maia DeMeyer, Lola Eden, Lauren Tanninen, , Alexandra Sorenson, Lorelai Sorenson, Elsa Sorenson, Elizabeth Sorenson Alexia Duckett, Joey, Waters, Evann Schwantes, Preston Bench, Ciera Bench, Lola Watters, Alissa Kennedy, Cate Rod, Sadie Halverson, Trina Kathren, Charli Fisse, Halsey Thurber, Emma Taylor.

 Poppies: Dulaury Marie, Josie Allen, Cora Wilm, Paisley Hanson, Sophia Davis, Mia Nadeen Khawandi, Reagan Schwartz, Avery Rich.   

 Jitterbugs/Tornedos: Corinne Avis, Zanna Grandinetti, Sydney Crosier, Madelyn Miller, Kendall Utecht, Kirsten Ramer, Lexi Almquist, Lelia Rettig, Paris Nichols.


Munchkin Mom- Susie Maxwell

Lullaby League: Izzie Hall, Teagan Maxwell, Kaylene Jarrett

The Lollypop Guild: Jack Herrin, Alex Hay, Nicho Newman

Mayor Of Munchkins: Erynn Riley

Coroner: Morgan Brendel

Barrister Reagan Willis.

Leah Smith, Elliana Lewis, Olive Hunter, Maya Connors, Eileen Fritz, Liana Schwan, Maia Yunker, Lexi Withers, Eva Spencer, Abigail Decoria, Maria Bickett, Vivian Bunch, Marjorie Bunch, Lyla Parker, Jett Hanson, Lauren Stickney, Clara Stickney, Zubin McDermott, Noah Montague, Siena Dorow, Katie Custer, Gwen Watters, Haylee Raymond

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