West Side Story Cast List!!!!! YAY!!!!!

You all did an amazing job! The directing team couldn’t have been more pleased with the level of talent that you all brought! It’s great when everyone brings their A-Game!


Please remember there is a mandatory parent meeting/read-thru on Monday night (Jan. 30) from 6:30-8:30. Unless you’ve otherwise noted this conflict on your audition form, we expect to see your happy face!

Last Name First Name Role
York Phil Doc
Milton Cameron Krupke
Evans Amy Glad Hand
Salsbury Joel Schrank
Wilde Tyrell Tony
Nelson Richard Riff
DeLeon Jesse Action
Evans Hannah Anybody’s
DeCoursey Landon A-Rab
Mortenson Taylor Big Deal
Harbo Brandon Baby John
Vickery Chad Diesel
Mailloux Tristan Snow Boy
Huerta Breck Bernardo
Marinez Evan Chino
Alano Josue Pepe
Silva Alejandro Indio
York Gabriel Luis
Morrow Shane Anxious
Forman Kelsey Velma
Clements Nicole Graziella
Grate Zoe Minnie
Sievers Mikayla Clarice
Mailloux Jenise Pauline
York Rosemary Jet Girl
Tvedt Meaghan Jet Girl
Rodgers Whitney Maria
Kelly Rebecca Anita
Evans Katie Teresita/Lead America dancer
DeCoursey Amicherie Conesulo
Leininger Madi Rosalia
Smith Kelley Margarita
Salinas Gabriel Estella
Hinijosa Star Francesca
Oberymeyer Emily Shark Girl
Rutkowsky Felicia Shark Girl
Herr Anjuli Shark Girl

Jo, Ellie, Paris and the whole team are super excited to get this amazing show underway.

See ya Monday!!!!!

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