Winnie the Pooh Cast List

Congratulations to all who made the show. It was a great audition!

Mark your calendar for Monday, March 5 at 4:30 pm. We will have a PARENT MEETING and READ THROUGH at the Studio. The meeting will consist of

You may print and complete the paperwork ahead of time AND you can pay your fees ahead of time, too! We will have everything at the meeting, too.

Here is the cast list:

Berry, Casey Green (Narrator)
Berry, Tera Animal Chorus
Bressler, Jewel Yellow  (Narrator)
Brown, Caleb Pooh
Chandler, Zach Orange  (Narrator)
Coker, Cloe Bee
Cooper, Emilie Bee
Fewel, Hannah Piglet
Forsyth, Sienna Animal Chorus
Grant, Janie Indigo  (Narrator)
Grant, Katelin Animal Chorus
Harbo, Dylan Animal Chorus
Hardy, Kyandra Violet  (Narrator)
Howell, Cleopatra Eeyore
Howell, Jonathon Bee
Jacob, Felix Bee
Kelly, Keri Kanga
Kelly, Abby Animal Chorus
Kawabe, Kanako Red  (Narrator)
Levin, Jantz Animal Chorus
Lewis, Josee Rabbit
Massey, Meredith Roo
Morgan, Alaina Bee
Muir, Ella Bee
Nelson, Meg Tigger
Nundahl, Brenton Owl
Smucker, Sophie Animal Chorus
Souriyavongsa, Emma Bee
Turpin, Mikah Christoper R.
Ullman, Sarah Blue  (Narrator)
Zimmerman, Jessica Animal Chorus

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